Medlock Road.
Neighborhood community meetings are conveniently held at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church, located at the intersection of Medlock Road and Scott Blvd. Other events meet as noted. Meetings start at 7pm unless otherwise noted.

2014 Community Meeting dates:

March 3, June 23 & October 27

Neighborhood Watch meetings also held at above time and location.

Typically, our activities run as follows: 

:: January 
:: February
:: March
----Neighborhood Meeting (Monday)
:: April
:: May
----- Senior Dinner
:: June
------Neighborhood Meeting (Monday)
:: July
------Garden Tour is on hiatus. If you'd like to volunteer, contact MANA.
:: August
------August: Pool Party [Pending volunteer availability]
:: September
:: October
------Yard Sale
------Neighborhood Meeting (Monday) 
----- Halloween [Trick or Treat activities t.b.a., date subject to volunteer availability]
:: November
:: December

MANA Activities and Traditions

  • Welcome Packet for New Neighbors:  Helps new residents get acquainted with the Medlock Park area.
  • Neighborhood Cleanup: Pitch in to tidy up and beautify common areas and show neighborhood pride.
  • Senior Dinner: This event recognizes our many long-time residents. | 2009 Senior Dinner Photos by Meg and Matt |
  • Pool Party: Neighborhood-wide potluck and pool fest at the Medlock Park pool.
  • Funky and Fabulous Garden Tour: Neighbors open their yards to visitors and share their great landscaping and gardening successes.  | 2008 Garden Tour Photos2010 Garden Tour Photos  |
  • Halloween Trick or Treat Route: Each year, MANA outlines a trick or treat route to ensure safety and successful candy harvesting. Neighbors not in the route are welcome to join the MANA grown-up Halloweeners to help dispense candy at tables set along the route and in front of the school.
  • Yard Sale: MANA residents set up shop for one day through this neighborhood-wide garage sale event. Started in 2010. Takes place in the fall.