Monday, June 30, 2014

DeKalb County issues (Lawrenceville Hwy corridor, CEO's Operations Task Force) [July 1, 2]

MANA has received notice of these two important meetings through which our residents can actively engage with the County's leadership. Thanks to Jim Smith and others who drafted these announcements.
Tuesday July 1,  7pm, Rehoboth Baptist Church 2997 Lawrenceville Hwy., Tucker, GA 30084 
Citizens concerned about Lawrenceville Highway Corridor  
The church is "partnering with a number of groups and networks in our community to advance positive economic development and reduce crime in our community. Join us as neighbors, DeKalb County government leaders, GA State leaders, and our law enforcement work together to make DeKalb a great place to live and work."
This is Jim Smith's description of the purpose of the meeting: This meeting was organized after an application was filed to put a liquor store on the site of the old Batteries Plus location at L'ville Hwy and 285. The hotels at that intersection are known for allowing drug and prostitution activity and the belief is that adding a liquor store to the equation will only make things worse. Once folks started talking, they realized that the problem is larger than just the proposed store and that the entire L'ville Hwy corridor needs to be looked at before it goes the way of Memorial Drive in its worst days
Wednesday July 2, 6-8pm, Maloof Auditorium, 1300 Commerce Drive, 1300 Commerce Drive Decatur, GA 30030   
Lee May's Operations Task Force: studying ways to improve DeKalb County  
Over 100 people attended the first meeting of the Task Force on June 5. Meetings are open to the public, with participation encouraged, and also broadcast live on DeKalb County's cable channel, DCTV, on Comcast Channel 23. The Task Force and its subcommittees will meet on a rotating, weekly basis, with one subcommittee meeting one week, the other subcommittee meeting the next week, and the full Task Force
meeting every third week.  The next Operations Task Force meeting

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where to go for 4th of July fireworks

Ready to celebrate Independence Day? Crossroad News has a great listing by Erica Relaford, see Parades, fireworks, laser show abound for area Independence Day celebrations.

If you plan on celebrating at home and setting off fireworks in a residential area, please
  • make sure your fireworks are legal in Georgia (nearby states have different laws). Even if they are legal, consider where your spent fireworks will land (they certainly count as litter if they fall in someone else's property and may pose a fire hazard)
  • be mindful of our families with children and their bedtimes, and time your fireworks accordingly. On July 4, sundown is at 8:52pm. 
  • don't forget the critters: many pets are extremely stressed out by the loud, repetitive noise of exploding fireworks. Owners whose pets are in distress also get pretty stressed too...
Happy Independence Day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Grocery deliveries: a new player in town

Today's AJC featured Instacart's launch in the Metro area. Instacart is a grocery shop and delivery service that, as you will see below, serves the Medlock area. Per the AJC,
"...the service allows you to select grocery items from multiple stores and have them delivered in an hour for $5.99 on orders above $35. Currently in Atlanta, you can order from Kroger or Costco and your first Instacart order (over $10) is delivered free."
The announcement triggered some excitement on Facebook, in particular wistful references to now defunct Webvan and Publix's Curbside Delivery. So what are our grocery delivery options? Neighbor Blair mentioned Nature's Garden Express (a Tucker company that delivers organic produce and local groceries). Rise 'N Shine Organic Farm's CSA delivers year-round farm-fresh veggies and eggs (and when available, meats) to the North Decatur Presbyterian church--not quite door-to-door but pretty close. As nearby commercial properties develop and aggressive competition over our grocery dollars continues, it is likely we will eventually see additional delivery options (e.g., Walmart offers a pick up/delivery service in some areas, and Amazon is experimenting with deliveries in the west coast. Dare we dream of deliveries from Your DeKalb Farmers Market?).

Neighbor Marja Lee could not contain her enthusiasm and placed an Instacart order in the name of research. Here is her report, which included a call to confirm substitutions on some items, and timely delivery:

App screen capture. Click to enlarge.
I just got the app and placed an order to see how I like the service. I really, really miss Publix Curbside. It kept me from a ton of impulse buys. Order should be delivered between 1:30 and 2:30. Will let you know how it goes. Did a variety of dry goods and produce. Also, you can order from Costco without a membership. 

So my dude just called with some substitutions. Called back for another set. Expecting to order to arrive shortly.

Prices on some items are totally reasonable, utterly ridiculous on others, though. Not sure I will use again although they did give me some lovely reusable shopping bags (that are HUGE) and the delivery person gave me his personal promo code for 5$ off. The produce that they selected for me is just fine.

Thanks for the research, Marja! Additional screen captures after the jump.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rader and Gannon spell out concerns about greenspace dollars being allocated to South DeKalb YMCA purchase

Commissioners Rader and Gannon have written a letter to the Metro Atlanta YMCA and the DeKalb County community explaining their reservations about using greenspace funds to enter an agreement with the YMCA. If, after reviewing the facts, you wish to contact our DeKalb Commissioners, you can find their contact information here.

- - -

Dear YMCA Board Members and our DeKalb Community:

We appreciate all of the work across metropolitan Atlanta that YMCA’s do every day. Whether it is helping their members stay healthy and fit through exercise and recreation programs, or providing early enrichment to Head Starters or the numerous other ways that the Y helps build community – the service of the YMCA staff, volunteers and Board of Directors is of the finest American tradition.

As members of the DeKalb County Board of Commission we believe Partnerships which leverage complementary capabilities are a valuable tool and in the potential relationship with the South DeKalb YMCA, we hope to find one that is transparent, respects the taxpayers and serves the needs of the broadest group of citizens.  

With this in mind, we have reservations about the proposed Master Agreement between DeKalb and the Metro Y that would use County Green Space Acquisition Bond Revenues to purchase your South DeKalb Y facility and lease it back to you at a nominal price.  

Please consider these FACTS:
•    This Partnership agreement is exclusively negotiated with the YMCA, and nothing similar has been offered to any other non-profit, private organization or governmental partner. No terms or parameters for negotiation were authorized by the DeKalb Governing Authority, and the proposed Master Agreement was only made public when it was placed on the Commission Agenda on April 8th.  Neither the Green Space Bond Advisory Board nor the Development Authority of DeKalb County have had any input to the Master Agreement.
•    The Y brings no new money to the table.  The County has successful models for staffing facilities, and is experimenting with other partnership models. For example the Boys and Girls Club will manage the after-school program at the Redan Recreation center next fall, each entity receiving a benefit.  We should treat partners comparably, and negotiate openly.
•    The South DeKalb YMCA is in an area where significant County investments in recreation and senior services have already been made: the Y is 2.5 miles from Exchange Park Multi-Generational Recreation Center ($7.2million); 2.8 miles from Browns Mill Recreation and Aquatic Facility ($8.9 million); 4.1 miles from Lou Walker Senior Center with a heated indoor pool; 5.7 miles from Candler Road Senior Center, which will have exercise equipment when it opens this summer; 8 miles from Redan Park Recreation Center ($5.4 million); and 8.7 miles from Wade Walker Park and YMCA ($13.6 million).  In 8 square miles of this South DeKalb community, the County has already invested over $35 million in recent and ongoing Parks Bond developmental funds and additional county and federal grant dollars for the senior centers.  Investing in this location is not a good return on the citizens’ tax dollars.  It will duplicate services in this area while many areas of the county still do not have access to any recreation center. DeKalb County taxpayers will continue to pay for the operations of Browns Mill, Exchange, and Redan Centers. No current public expense will be reduced.
•    The Master Agreement provides no benchmarks or guarantees related to the health deficiencies the investment is purported to address.  Indeed, the question may be fairly asked:  why, after 40 years’ service to the community has the Y had so little effect on these deficiencies?  Why will a renovation have a transformative effect?
•    DeKalb County will purchase the existing YMCA for $5 million, using $1 million of District 3 and 7 Parks Bond Land Acquisition Funding and $4 million in County Wide Acquisition Funding.  The agreement diverts land acquisition funding to development, contrary to the Bond Referendum.   The property is appraised at $2.5 million for tax purposes, with the land appraised at $400,000.  The Appraisal provided by the YMCA estimates the value at only $3.9 million.  All appraisals supporting this proposed transaction are made using the “cost” method, which is inappropriate, given the multiplicity of similar facilities in the service area.
•    After the purchase, the County will transfer the property to the Development Authority of DeKalb County (DADC), who will lease the property back to the YMCA for $1 per year for 50 years. At the end of the lease, the property reverts to DeKalb County. The Return on Investment to the taxpayers footing this bill is $50.  The Y will book the lease as an asset, similar to the Wade Walker Y, whose lease is currently valued by the Y at over $10 million.
•    The YMCA will renovate the building to its own plan, and continue to operate the facility as a YMCA, charging a fee schedule of its own choosing, except that special benefits exclusively for residents of three surrounding zip codes, not all taxpayers, shall be provided. 
•    Appraisal documentation indicates that the SD YMCA operates with a $300,000 + annual surplus and there is no requirement to use surpluses to the benefit of DeKalb County taxpayers.  The Wade Walker Y should generate a surplus as well, yet there is no provision in either Master Agreement to account for such surpluses.
•    The YMCA has other options for renovating this facility without using taxpayer funds. Typically YMCA renovations are completed with private capital campaign contributions through the umbrella Metro Atlanta YMCA organization and through fundraising within the service area being served by the facility.  
•    The county does not have the funds to renovate the much needed repairs and upgrades at the Tucker Recreation Center, the Lithonia Recreation Center, the need for a real Recreation Center at Mason Mill and the long overdue replacement of a Tobie Grant Recreation Center in Scottdale.  There is no Parks and Recreation Plan Update that assesses the need for another recreational facility in this area whereas there is assessed need for a new Center in Southwest DeKalb County.

Where is the partnership in this proposed agreement? There is a no win for the citizens of DeKalb County, only for the YMCA.  It is clearly the wrong thing to do and should go back to the drawing board.

Please withdraw from this proposal and let us participate in a transparent process that assesses the needs of both partners to the “partnership.”

Commissioner Kathie Gannon, Super District 6
Commissioner Jeff Rader, District 2
June 23, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Medlock greenspace opportunity (and fire dept. training and demolition alert)

from Casey Boudreau, MANA Greenspace Coordinator...

Dear neighbors:

MANA is seeking input from the community on ideas to re-purpose current and future vacant lots on Scott Circle between Medlock Park and Willivee Rd.  These properties are or will be owned by the County, and as they lie in a flood plain there are limited options for their use.  MANA is putting together a committee to work with the county, Druid Hills Youth Sports (who also serve as the Friends of Medlock Park) and Park Pride to develop ideas and plans for re-purposing these lots into viable greenspace. The process will take many months and we would like to have a lot of active participation by the neighborhood.
Medlock Park and surrounding area. The green oval marks the location of current/future vacant lots.
The Medlock Community Garden is already located at the corner of Scott and Willivee.
Soon-to-be demolished properties are marked (1011 and 1029 Scott Cr.).
If you are interested in joining the committee and/or have ideas, please contact Casey Boudreau: csybdr at yahoo dot com.  Thank you in advance for your support to maintain and improve our greenspace!
 - - - 

Related: at last evening's Community Meeting, Dave Butler (Greenspace Environmental Manager with DeKalb County) informed us that the properties at 1029 and 1011 Scott Circle have been purchased by the County and will be demolished in the coming weeks. But, before that happens (and as is often done with such properties), the Fire Department will use the structures to conduct training next week.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Update on Greg Germani's hit-and-run: "aggravated assault vehicle found"

Image via Fox 5 News; watch their report here.
Thanks for the caption, Fox 5 News, and the report that Atlanta Police has retrieved what they believe to be the vehicle involved in Greg Germani's hit and run earlier this month. Watch the report here. The vehicle was retrieved from the parking deck of the Gables Midtown apartment complex on Monroe Drive. Per neighbors interviewed by Fox 5 News, the vehicle has been seen in the apartment complex before, has been parked and not moved for a couple weeks, was covered with a tarp, and the license plate had been removed (but is remembered as an out-of-state, Michigan plate). If found, the driver will likely be charged with aggravated assault (vehicle used as a deadly weapon).

Red line marks Flagler Avenue, where Greg was hit. The small
thumbprint image marks the Gables Midtown luxury apartment complex
where the hit-and-run vehicle was found. Original image via Gables Intown.
At tonight's Community Meeting, neighbor Susan gave a brief update on Greg's condition. He remains in serious condition but is showing improvement and will be moved out of the ICU ward. A long recovery lies ahead. Fundraiser information will be posted soon.

Keep getting better and stronger, Greg! And kudos to the Atlanta Police and whoever tipped them to the vehicle's location.

A June 10 report of the attack from WSB-TV can be found here. To contribute to the reward fund to help apprehend this dangerous driver, go here. According to the Decaturish blog, the total reward is approaching $30,000.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Still looking for hit-and-run driver

Greg remains in a coma, his attacker is still at large.

For an update on this case, see the 11 Alive News update: Family pleads for leads in hit-and-run of Decatur cyclist

To contribute to Greg Germani's reward fund, click here.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Help identify cyclist's attacker: video and reward drive

Among other great reasons, Greg Germani is known for creating
 the Atlanta Time Machine, a valentine of a website that brings
 images of of Atlanta then and now. To top it off, Greg  filters air
with his own lungs while commuting to keep everyone else's air
a little bit cleaner. Let's pitch together and find the driver that
ran him down, and in doing so, be like Greg and
make things a little better for everyone. Click here to contribute!
On June 9, neighbor Greg Germani was the victim of a hit-and-run while cycling on Flagler Avenue in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) has released security camera video that appears to corroborate eyewitness reports that after the driver and Greg exchanged words, the driver turned around and drove after the Greg, who remains in the ICU at Grady Hospital. The driver is being sought on charges of aggravated assault.

To encourage people to come forward and identify the driver believed to be responsible, a campaign has been launched to offer a reward for information leading to his arrest.  Please go to and make a donation and help sweeten the pot for anyone who may be on the fence about sharing information. At the Fundly website, the APD describes the vehicle and driver as follows:  "A Bright red Dodge Nitro SUV with front damage, driven by a black male 20-30 years of age with short hair".

Chilling video shared by the Atlanta Police Department:

Decaturish notes that
People with information can submit anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers by calling 404-577-TIPS (8477), visiting or by texting CSA and the tip to CRIMES (274637). You do not have to give your name or any identifying information to be eligible for the reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of the suspect.

DeKalb Code Enforcement visits vacant property

In addition to a foreclosed property registry, DeKalb now also enforces a vacant property registry that requires owners to register unoccupied vacant homes.

Responding to concerns from neighbors (who used the online complaint form, called Code Enforcement and contacted Commissioner Rader), DeKalb Code Enforcement recently visited an unoccupied home with an overgrown lawn and posted a warning that was also being sent to the owners of record.

The warning outlined property maintenance issues that were visible to the inspector, who will return in 30 days and issue a citation if said violations are not corrected by then. The warning also states that "Failure to correct will result in issuance of court summons to appear in recorder's court. Maximum fine per court summons is $1000 and/or 60 days in jail. Each day is a separate offense." Within a week, the property owner began to address the issues.

DeKalb's Code Compliance Division can be reached by phone at 404-687-3700. You may also email them at  If possible, include photos.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

St. Jude's Children Research Hospital Benefit [June 12]

Click to enlarge.
17 artists are selling bowling pins today at Suburban Lanes of Georgia! ALL proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! This is your time to help and I know you will- Auction starts at 5pm and goes until 10pm. There will be 11 artists there on site! You should come support them! They graciously donated these hand painted pins to help children get the funds needed to fight cancer and other afflictions....and the only way we can keep this kind of event going is if we have your support! Now come on Atlanta- support the arts like I know you can!!!


See additional details here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

330-unit apartment complex coming to corner of Church St. and Milscott Dr.

From Atlantic Realty Partners via the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee:
June 10, 2014 
Atlantic Realty Partners is pleased to announce that on May 27, 2014, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved its applications for the development of a 330-unit apartment complex to be located on 9.4 acres on the corner of Church Street and Milscott Drive in Decatur. The site was previously occupied by a car dealership but has been vacant for years. The multifamily complex, to be named “The Reserve”, will feature two “U-shaped” buildings enclosing a terrace courtyard with landscaping and a swimming pool. (See attached site plan). To maintain an urban feel, the buildings are situated directly adjacent to the street and will largely shield the parking lot from view. Additionally, the developer will install sidewalks and landscaping along both Church Street and Milscott Drive.    
Specifically, the Board approved (1) an amendment of the Comprehensive Plan Map from Commercial Redevelopment Corridor to Town Center; (2) a rezone from General Commercial to Office-Institutional; and (3) a Special Land Use Permit to increase the allowed height to five stories. The project was approved site-plan specific and subject to 17 conditions (attached). 
The developer wishes to thank all those who attended the public hearings and meetings regarding the project. Community input resulted in a final product far superior to what we started with. Atlantic Realty would like to specially thank the members of the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee for their input and informal support throughout the planning process. We look forward to seeing this project finally come to fruition and maintaining a continued presence in the local community.

"The Reserve": residential development on the corner of Church Street and Milscott Drive.
Click to enlarge or see the original file here.

Atlanta Time Machine creator victim of hit-and-run by red SUV @ Flagler Ave., Morningside

Please be on the lookout for a red SUV with recent damage on the front end. Creative Loafing and WSB-TV report that Greg Germani, creator of the Atlanta Time Machine, Medlock resident and overall awesome guy suffered serious trauma and injuries and was taken to Grady Memorial after what appears to be an intentional hit-and-run on Flagler Avenue in Morningside.

The Creative Loafing item includes a comment stating
Any witnesses to this hit and run, please contact Detective Robert Jackson, APD Zone 2, (404) 816-7067.The victim's last name is actually Germani but it is listed as "German" on the police report.

Please be on the lookout
for a red SUV likely showing
damage on its front end.

According to the WSB report, the vehicle may be a Dodge Nitro, and if so, would look something like this.

Greg: hang in there, everyone's pulling for you!!

Medline LCI slides from June 5 community meeting AND report draft

That's the spirit! Pedal power at the Medline LCI meeting.
The Medline LCI community meeting last June 5 had a great turnout (around 100) and covered the history of the Atlanta Regional Commission and its Livable Centers Initiative. The Medline LCI is centered around DeKalb Medical Center and as such, stands to impact our area because its recommendations will help shape future development by establishing priorities and best practices. As noted in the presentations, LCIs strive to create accessible environments that include residential and commercial property, employment sites, and a high level of access for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Photos of the meeting are available here and presentation slides appear below.

The Medline LCI process is not over: the changes it recommends span 25 years into the future, and we can expect that there will be many more opportunities to review this LCI's vision and test how well recommendations work. The Medline LCI team is in the process of finalizing the project report. Their draft (and information on how to submit comments) can be found at [direct link to the report:]. Comments will be accepted through July 7, 2014.

Addendum: The Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, Clairmont Heights Civic Association and Good Growth DeKalb submitted comments and concerns about the plan on July, 2014; see that post here.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Community meeting to review and discuss DeKalb County Acquisition of South DeKalb YMCA [June 9]

via Beth Nathan @ Civic Association Network (CAN)
Come discuss whether the currently proposed public-private partnership with the South DeKalb YMCA is an appropriate expenditure of county Parks Bond dollars or a windfall for the YMCA.   
Carpool with some neighbors. Let's generate a LARGE turn-out of citizens from multiple commission districts who care about county planning and decision-making.   
A vote on this item is scheduled for the June 10 BOC agenda, having been deferred several times. 
COMMUNITY MEETING to review and discuss DeKalb County Acquisition of South DeKalb YMCAMonday, June 9, 7 pm, Tucker Recreation Center, 4898 LaVista Road, Tucker    sponsored by Commissioners Rader and Gannon
DeKalb County is considering spending approximately $5 million of the remaining Parks Bond dollars (approx $1M from district-allocated funds and $4M from countywide funds which is ~38% of remaining countywide funds) to acquire the South DeKalb YMCA and then lease it back to the YMCA for 50 years at $1/year.  The YMCA is to devote the purchase proceeds to site improvements. This YMCA is geographically close to several other DeKalb recreation/health facilities (parks & senior centers). The local community has said that they need this improvement to local recreation/health facilities because the local population is very dense and not very healthy; they also say that this proposal is consistent with the Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs Master Plan. An easy introduction to the proposal is found on Crossroads News:
Many important details are summarized in SoDeKalbYMCA_DetailOverview.pdf, compiled by Commissioner Rader's office
Source documents on this proposal, the RPCA Master Plan, and parks bond funding are available on the Civic Association Network's website in the reference materials section.  See
- - -
If you can't attend but wish to share your opinions about this proposal, you can find the Board of Commissioners' contact information here.

Suburban Starbucks SLUP [June 24]

Selig Enterprises invites community feedback in advance of filing a special use land permit (SLUP)  for a drive-through Starbucks at Suburban Plaza. DeKalb County requires SLUPs for all new drive-throughs.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 24, 7pm, at North Decatur Presbyterian Church (611 Medlock Road).

Click to enlarge or download file here.
For all previous posts on Suburban Plaza's redevelopment, click here. The redevelopment timeline is available here.

Selig update on Suburban Plaza: commitments, timelines

Selig Enterprises has forwarded an update on its Suburban Plaza redevelopment project. In addition to restating Selig's commitments to the community, the letter includes this redevelopment timeline:
demolition of parts of existing structures: in the coming weeks (summer 2014)
facade renovations: fall 2014
anticipated redevelopment completion: summer 2015
new tenants open for business: fall 2015
Click to enlarge or download the file.
Selig and the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (MANA) began discussing Suburban Plaza's redevelopment as soon as plans were announced in the summer of 2011, and in collaboration with members of the Cross-Neighborhood Committee, reached and signed this agreement on December, 2011.

Selig also seeks community feedback on a special land use permit (SLUP) to allow a drive-through Starbucks at Suburban Plaza. The announcement for that June 24, 2014 meeting is available here.

Friday, June 6, 2014

MANA Newsletter (No. 32) now available

The summer edition of Medlock Matters is now available here.

Learn about the neighborhood cleanup, upcoming pool party, zoning and more!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Medline LCI fact sheet

In preparation for the Medline LCI Community meeting on June 5, Deanna Murphy at the Sizemore Group has forwarded a fact sheet summarizing the study process so far.

To open the fact sheet, click here. In particular, see page 4 for thoughts about the Medlock/Scott Blvd./North Decatur Rd. intersection.

A final, detailed report outlining recommendations and timelines will be available soon and when it is, we will link to it. Until then, additional information can be found at the Medline LCI website and our previous Medline LCI posts.

Tour bike starts at 7pm. Bring your bike and helmet!

Dekalb proposes to spend 5 million greenspace dollars on YMCA appraised at $2.5 million

Commissioner Jeff Rader has released a summary of a worrisome County plan for the purchase of the South DeKalb YMCA. Please go here to read his whole summary. In particular,
DeKalb County will purchase the existing YMCA for $5 million, using $1 million of District 5 and 7 Parks Bond Land Acquisition Funding and $4 million in County Wide Acquisition Funding.  The agreement diverts land acquisition funding to development, contrary to the Bond Referendum.   The property is appraised at $2.5 million for tax purposes, with the land appraised at $400,000. [emphasis added]
Crossroad News covered this story last April, see, and described the deal as follows:
Under the proposed agreement, the county would enter into intergovernmental arrangement with the DeKalb Development Authority to operate the facility as a recreation site for up to 50 years. The authority would then enter into a long-term lease with the YMCA to improve, renovate and operate the South DeKalb YMCA facility. 
The YMCA will spend the $4.95 million it receives from the sale of the property on the renovation and provide all furniture, fixtures and equipment for the South DeKalb YMCA. It would pay the Development Authority $10,000 for legal fees and $6,187 for its expenses.
The Crossroad News article argues that the expansion will expand access to exercise facilities and the contract includes "a waiver of the $100 to $150 joining fees for residents of ZIP codes 30032, 30034 and 30035 for the first 10 years, starting with the commencement date of the lease. It also calls for early program registration times, special program offerings and times for seniors, and financial assistance for families in need." In assessing the public health benefit of this rather sizable County investment, it would be helpful to have access to the data that Commissioners Johnson and Watson  are using to project how many more people will in fact use the South DeKalb YMCA. Additionally, such projections need to be weighed against how many hundreds of thousands of DeKalb residents in zip codes 30032, 30034 and 30035 and elsewhere will benefit if these greenspace funds are used per bond referendum guidelines. After all, the physical, mental and social benefits of greenspace are well documented.

Please attend the June 4 meeting at at the Maloof Auditorium in downtown Decatur if you can. If this announcement is too short-notice for you to do so, please set aside a few minutes to contact our DeKalb Board of Commissioners and share your views.

Commissioners' emails ready for cut/paste:,,,,,,

 Assistant(s) Phone Email
Elaine Boyer
(District 1)
Bob Lundsten
Courtney Townsend
Jeff Rader
(District 2)
Debbie Schneider
Larry Johnson
(District 3)
Ingrid Butler
Sharon Barnes Sutton
(District 4)
Judy T.
Marguerita M. Lance
Lee May
(District 5)

Interim CEO
Edmond Richardson
Kathie Gannon
(Super District 6)
Davis Fox
Stan Watson
(Super District 7)
Tiffany Campbell

Thanks to Mary Shellman for alerting us to this issue.

UPDATE: Next meeting discussing this issue will be as follows.
South DeKalb YMCA Meeting
June 09, 2014 (7:00 pm)
Commissioners Rader and Gannon Community Meeting on the proposed acquisition of South DeKalb YMCA by DeKalb County Government at Tucker Recreation Center 4898 LaVista Road.