Monday, June 23, 2014

Update on Greg Germani's hit-and-run: "aggravated assault vehicle found"

Image via Fox 5 News; watch their report here.
Thanks for the caption, Fox 5 News, and the report that Atlanta Police has retrieved what they believe to be the vehicle involved in Greg Germani's hit and run earlier this month. Watch the report here. The vehicle was retrieved from the parking deck of the Gables Midtown apartment complex on Monroe Drive. Per neighbors interviewed by Fox 5 News, the vehicle has been seen in the apartment complex before, has been parked and not moved for a couple weeks, was covered with a tarp, and the license plate had been removed (but is remembered as an out-of-state, Michigan plate). If found, the driver will likely be charged with aggravated assault (vehicle used as a deadly weapon).

Red line marks Flagler Avenue, where Greg was hit. The small
thumbprint image marks the Gables Midtown luxury apartment complex
where the hit-and-run vehicle was found. Original image via Gables Intown.
At tonight's Community Meeting, neighbor Susan gave a brief update on Greg's condition. He remains in serious condition but is showing improvement and will be moved out of the ICU ward. A long recovery lies ahead. Fundraiser information will be posted soon.

Keep getting better and stronger, Greg! And kudos to the Atlanta Police and whoever tipped them to the vehicle's location.

A June 10 report of the attack from WSB-TV can be found here. To contribute to the reward fund to help apprehend this dangerous driver, go here. According to the Decaturish blog, the total reward is approaching $30,000.