Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where to go for 4th of July fireworks

Ready to celebrate Independence Day? Crossroad News has a great listing by Erica Relaford, see Parades, fireworks, laser show abound for area Independence Day celebrations.

If you plan on celebrating at home and setting off fireworks in a residential area, please
  • make sure your fireworks are legal in Georgia (nearby states have different laws). Even if they are legal, consider where your spent fireworks will land (they certainly count as litter if they fall in someone else's property and may pose a fire hazard)
  • be mindful of our families with children and their bedtimes, and time your fireworks accordingly. On July 4, sundown is at 8:52pm. 
  • don't forget the critters: many pets are extremely stressed out by the loud, repetitive noise of exploding fireworks. Owners whose pets are in distress also get pretty stressed too...
Happy Independence Day!