Neighborhood Watch

MANA neighborhood watch members
 come in all ages and species...
Photo by Lisa Saul.
The Watch is Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

The Watch is a tool to communicate information about crime that has taken place in the neighborhood. With over 1000 homes in Medlock, we need to be aware of crimes that  have been committed and alert each other to details that may  stop future crime. By increasing awareness and bridging communication with each other, we can make our neighborhood a safer place to live.

If you would like to become an Neighborhood Watch Grid Coordinator (a.k.a. e-mail or grid coordinator), want to find how to contact your Grid Coordinator, or have any other questions, please contact the MANA Neighborhood Watch team at

Scroll down for a neighborhood map and helpful documents from DeKalb County Police Department.

How it works:
  • If you or a neighbor experience any crime, always call 911. Share information about the incident with your Grid Coordinator. 
  •  Your Grid Coordinator will relay the incident to the MANA Neighborhood Watch committee.
  • MANA will then propagate information about the incident via its email list. Join the MANA email list.
  •  Neighborhood Watch reports are published through the Medlock Matters newsletter, the MANA email list, and through this website. Click here to see all posts tagged neighborhood watch.
Helpful Documents:

The documents below were shared by Ms. Hightower (DeKalb County's Center Precinct) on her visit to the MANA Neighborhood Watch meeting on August 16, 2012.

DeKalb's Neighborhood Watch 
Program Description
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 DeKalb Neighborhood Watch
When to call 911
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 DeKalb Neighborhood Watch
Incident Report
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DeKalb's Neighborhood Watch 
Home Safety Checklist, Page 1
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 DeKalb's Neighborhood Watch 
Home Safety Checklist, Page 2
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DeKalb County maintains a more extensive set of neighborhood watch documents on their website.

DeKalb County Police also has pointers on preventing car break-ins.

For local crime statistics, see

Find your Neighborhood Watch grid below:
Click image to enlarge. Click here for full-size image.