Saturday, December 16, 2023

Rooftop Solar Program

from Monica Morgan

There is a new rooftop solar program, Georgia BRIGHT, which was just made available in Georgia for a limited time.  Here are my notes from attending a webinar hosted by Commissioner Ted Terry and a nonprofit Solar program organizer:   

(Links below to the presentation, webinar, and application)

- This program is for low/ medium income households (income eligibility caps at $100k/household).
- This is a lease program.  After 6 years you are able to purchase the system at a reduced rate.  
- You pay ZERO upfront cost. The nonprofit, Capital Good Fund, pays for your solar panels and installation and is responsible for maintenance for the life of the lease: 25 years.  
- Monthly, you pay for the lease payment of the solar panels + your Georgia Power payment (yes, you still have a power bill, but it will be lower due to the solar offsetting it.)
- The math works out to be a total savings for the homeowner of approximately $5-45/month. 
- This program was made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act that extends the 30% rooftop solar discount to Nonprofits to lease the systems to homeowners.  So the Capital Good Fund is able to purchase the systems with the Federal discount and lease them to you. 

- Lower your energy costs
- Support green energy and reduce your load on the grid
- If you opt for a battery -  you'll have electrical continuity during power outages.

- When to apply: Now!  They will close applications when they receive 160 home installations or April 2024, whichever comes first.
- If you sign up before the end of the year there is a $200 gift card incentive.
- Application and Assessment are FREE

To learn more about the Georgia BRIGHT program and sign up, please visit Reminder to start the process before the end of the year to take advantage of the $200 incentive!

WEBINAR links:

You can view the presentation from the session via

A recording of the webinar can be watched via
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