Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fuqua's Scott Blvd. Baptist Church project approved

From the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee, via Theresa Same (MANA Zoning Chair)

Site plan. Full-size image appears in the zoning agreement document.
On April 8 and 9, 2014, the Board of Commissioners (BOC) and the DeKalb County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) reviewed Fuqua Development’s Scott Boulevard Baptist Church (SBBC) proposal. The plan was presented to the community last February and is outlined here. The BOC and ZBA approved Fuqua Development’s application to rezone and the variances required to redevelop the SBBC site and nearby residential properties on Barton Way. This vote clears the way for Phase 1, to include apartments and townhomes and a “coffee shop.” There was no opposition to the application and the BOC voted to accept the request with conditions negotiated the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee*. Relevant Cross-Neighborhood Committee documents are available in pdf format: letters of support to the BOC and ZBA, conditions, and schematics.

In addition to the conditions, the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee also negotiated a separate, legally binding zoning agreement that among other things secured $60,000 in off-site improvements. This fund will go towards finishing pedestrian improvements at the Medlock / North Decatur Rd. / Scott Blvd. intersection as well as a future sidewalk on Scott Boulevad  between Willow Lane and Medlock Road. Fuqua Development anticipates submitting permits in June and hopes to start site work in August or September. Site work will take about four months and entails demolition, grading, building the underground water detention, etc. We should expect construction  to begin in early 2015 and continue for up to 18 months. In the meantime, the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee will begin meeting with Fuqua Development to provide community input for Phase 2 of this project [see our previous post for Phase 2 details].

It will be very sad to lose the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church that served as a landmark and spiritual center in our community for so long. The SBBC congregation will continue to worship as Pastor Greg Smith discusses in this article. With the Medline LCI study in progress, we believe that this area will see great change in the coming years. We feel this development sets a precedent for our area and reflects the collective vision of our community for livability, amenities, walkability and economic sustainability.


* The Cross-Neighborhoods Committee includes the following neighborhood representatives:
Nancy Ciliax, Clairmont Heights Community Association Representative; Deanne Thomas, Decatur Heights Neighborhood Transition Team Representative; Theresa Same, Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, Inc. Representative; David Duncan, Medlock Place Neighborhood Association, Inc. Representative; Mary Shellman, Good Growth DeKalb, Inc. Representative; Debra Robinson, Blackmon Drive Resident; Garrett Asay, Ridgeland Park Resident; Todd Link, Springdale Heights Neighborhood Resident. Fuqua is represented  by Jeff Fuqua (Principal, Fuqua Development), Heather Correa (Partner, Fuqua Development) and Dennis Webb (Attorney, Smith, Gambrell and Russell).

Friday, April 18, 2014

Keep MANA beautiful day [Apr 26]

from MANA volunteer coordinator Emily Mann:

Hi Neighbors! MANA has signed up for this year's "Keep Dekalb Beautiful Neighborhood Cleanup Day" which takes place Saturday, April 26 from 9AM to 1 PM. We'd love to have more folks participate this year! My fam did curb & sign cleaning here on Willivee Place last year and it was pretty amazing what a big difference a few hours made.

If we all share ideas for areas in the neighborhood that need some extra TLC we can round up small groups to tackle some of the bigger stuff together. So please post ideas here and we'll help coordinate.

The County provides free t-shirts and all the necessary cleanup materials; MANA provides refreshments & coffee at ICS before everyone heads out to their respective projects.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Missing cat, gray tabby [Apr 16]

Houston is a large, 17-pound indoor cat who snuck out on April 16. He is a striped gray tabby (no white on paws), male. He lives a few streets from Woodridge. Please contact medlockassoc@gmail if you see him.

5K & 1mi trail races @ Laurel Ridge Elementary [Apr 26]

image via
5k and 1-mile Trail Races (and an 1/8-mile Track "Fun Run")
This is one of the only true OFF-ROAD races inside The Perimeter. Come out and support Laurel Ridge Elementary!

Register via

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter lilies and cats don't mix

via wikipedia
As Easter approaches, Easter lilies are making an appearance at local stores. If you have cats, be aware that many parts of this plant can be extremely toxic to your feline and ingestion can lead to kidney failure. reports that
"Even eating just a couple of leaves or licking a few pollen grains off their fur can cause cats to suffer acute kidney failure, she said. All parts of these plants, which are members of the Lilium and Hemerocallis genera, are considered poisonous. ... The first symptom of lily toxicity in cats is vomiting... Over the next 12 to 24 hours, the cat may start to urinate frequently, but then urinating might stop altogether, which is a sign of kidney failure. If not brought to a veterinarian, the cat will die within four to seven days. Other signs to watch for include drooling, loss of appetite and decreased activity." ... Read the rest @

 Other Easter-time risk for pets include "Easter grass" and chocolate.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Medline LCI: April 10 update

Jen Price @ Sycamore Consulting has forwarded the slide presentation from the core group meeting that took place last April 10 (see below). This presentation condenses some of the feedback so far, in particular information gathered at the charrette.

As noted in slides 6 and 7 below, we are close to concluding the Medline LCI study. Sizemore Consulting will create a Master Plan for the area that will summarize feedback from public and core groups, the charrette, and online survey participants.  This master plan will also be informed by DeKalb County's zoning code (currently being revised--see latest draft here). The master plan will be revealed on March 15 in an interactive meeting open to the community at large. The master plan will also be a public document that we will link to once it becomes available.