Welcome to Medlock Park!

Welcome home! We hope this information helps you get oriented to the Medlock Park area.




The Medlock Park area emerged from farmed land; as of the 1940's, the area was mostly open fields. Traces of that history remain, particularly illustrated by the Steele-Cobb House, originally built in 1855 [for a bit of history about that property's first inhabitants, see this link]. Suburban home tracks were developed in the 1950's and 1960's in response to post-war housing booms. Older homes are typically smaller and follow the American small house style, with later construction reflecting the ranch style that is so prevalent in our state. See all our posts on Medlock-area history here, including aerial views from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. 

Following the 2008 market crash, redevelopment of nearby shopping areas such as Suburban Plaza and North DeKalb Mall (both originally built in the 1960's) came to a full stop. The approval of the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)'s Medline LCI Study in 2013 sends a strong signal that the area holds great potential due to its proximity to employment and commercial centers and diverse population. Additionally, our neighborhood is part of the Toco Hills Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC), an Atlanta Regional Commission designation by the ARC that reflects a lifelong community area rich with individuals who have chosen to age in place.
It is not easy to keep up with all recent development in our immediate area, specifically at the Medlock Road/Scott Blvd./North Decatur Road intersection. After years in the making, 2015 saw the opening of the first stores in a redeveloped Suburban Plaza. The 2013 sale of the former Scott Boulevard Baptist Church triggered what would later become the Decatur Crossing development. This building cascade added a significant number of apartments to the area, again signaling the area's desirability.
In recent years, many young families have moved into our neighborhood, reflecting the growing demand for walkable, convenient, affordable, and dare we say, easier-to-maintain smaller homes. Renewed interest in mid-century ranch architecture also makes Medlock Park an attractive destination.



Medlock Park is districted for attendance to Fernbank Elementary (DeKalb Co. Schools Website | School Website), Druid Hills Middle School and Druid Hills High School, all part of the DeKalb County School District.

Our neighborhood also is home to the International Community School (ICS), a DeKalb County School District. ICS occupies the building that formerly housed Medlock Elementary; a percentage of  seats are open, via lottery, to Dekalb County children (including Medlock residents).

Parks, Wildlife & Greenspace

In addition to the eponymous Medlock Park,  our neighborhood is lucky to have access to the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve. This 29-acre site is maintained by a core of dedicated volunteers who have established and maintain a network of paths and learning stations. The Preserve is an birdwatcher's paradise as it includes a pond (that is full for parts of the year).

Medlock offers a safe environment for pedestrian, dog walkers and cyclists. Part of the PATH Foundation network, the South Peachtree Creek Trail connects Medlock Park to Mason Mill Park. The trail is either paved or built on an elevated boardwalk that allows for mud-free walking and cycling.

The South Fork of the Peachtree Creek wends its way through our neighborhood, creating habitat and shelter for native plants and animals. The creek's year-round water supply, combined with easements and floodplain areas, translates into widespread proximity to wildlife corridors.

The Medlock area is a birdwatcher's paradise; we seem to be particularly well supplied with woodpeckers and raptors. As is the case with most communities in the US and the Metro area, we  have our fair share of coyote sightings and encourage all pet owners (but in particular those who own cats and small dogs) to obey leash laws and keep pets safe, in particular near dawn and dusk. Deer are often seen on the easement in the middle of the neighborhood and nearby homes, to the combined delight and terror of our wildlife-loving gardeners.

If you like to play in the dirt, the Medlock Community Garden has plots available. The garden is open to the public and is located on Scott Blvd next to the PATH trail that leads to Mason Mill Park.

There are plans to connect Mason Mill Park to the Ira B. Melton Park, a natural trail system located on Desmond Drive.


We are a little bit critter-crazy around here! We remind residents that there are leash laws for both dogs and cats, and that for the safety of our waterways and shoes, folks should pick up after their pets.

MANA and volunteers maintain pet waste stations in Medlock Park. We ask that dog owners pick up after their pets AND dispose of said waste appropriately.


DeKalb County offers trash, recyclables and yard waste pick-up one a week. Days vary by street, consult your neighbors. See DeKalb's website for additional information. There is a glass recycling dumpster (currently all colors comingled) in Medlock Park, in the area near the clubhouse.

Access to Nearby Attractions & Transportation Options

Many first find our community while searching for intown housing that is close to large employers in the area (DeKalb Medical Center, Emory University, CDC, VA Hospital, Agnes Scott College, DeKalb County government and courthouse offices in downtown Decatur). Proximity to major arterials (Scott Blvd. / Lawrenceville Hwy., North Druid Hills Road, North Decatur Road) offers easy access to other Metro Atlanta attractions.

The PATH offers connectivity to Mason Mill Park and its playground, tennis facilities, to the Central DeKalb Senior Center, and the Toco Hill-Ava G. Williams Library.

The neighborhood is served by both MARTA and the Cliff shuttle services. The Cliff shuttle is free and our route connects to the Emory campus and to downtown Decatur.

Nearby North DeKalb Mall offers an environmentally controlled walking and shopping opportunity and we can expect that this large property will be remodeled/rebuilt in the not-so-distant future.

Downtown Decatur (~2 miles away) offers a variety of dining and entertainment opportunities as well as a MARTA station that offers both bus and rail service (a line transfer at the 5 Points station allows a direct connection to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


Volunteering Opportunities

MANA can always use some volunteers for activities in the calendar, such as the Senior Dinner, Neighborhood Clean-Up (on Earth Day), Trick-or-Treat Route, yard sale, etc.

The Clyde Sheperd Nature Preserve has regularly scheduled workdays to help maintain the site.

The International Community School welcomes volunteers to help with their reading and soccer programs.