Fall Festival & Haunted Trail


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28rd, 2023, 5:00-8:00pm

Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, 2580 Pine Bluff Drive



This beautiful nightmare is only possible with the involvement of our community of
volunteers. We still need creative help, performers, and those willing to assist behind the scenes
with lighting, set up, tear down, crowd control, parking, etc.

To volunteer email us at medlockparkhauntedtrail@gmail.com

 Ticket Website/QRC code
TICKETS for the 2023 Haunted Trail are $8 each.

Purchase your tickets online and remember, we have sold out quickly in the past.  We will have a handful of tickets available for CASH purchase at the trail.  Please do not count on these tickets and purchase your tickets electronically in advance.  Go to the ticket sale website.

While tickets are required for the Haunted Trail, no tickets are needed for the Fall Festival at the front of the Preserve, which includes a small kid game area, food tables, band, and bonfire. 

See our FAQ’s below. 

This is a fun, family friendly event, that also gets a little spooky as the sun sets.  All children must be accompanied by an adult on the trail.

Hope to hear from you soon and DON'T LOOK UNDER THE BED.


What is the harvest festival and haunted trail? 

The Harvest Festival is an annual celebration at the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve that began over twenty years ago. Harvest Festival events take place around the kiosk area at the entrance to the nature preserve and include a bonfire and musical guests.

In 2016, The Haunted Trail came together with the Harvest Festival. The Haunted Trail is primarily organized by the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (with the help of many volunteers!). Parts of the Preserve's trails will become haunted on this day, and are only open to ticket holders between 5-8pm.

This community building event serves as a fundraiser for both organizations.

Where do I park? 

Please follow the traffic guides at Harrington and Wood Trail. Wood Trail will be closed to parking from Harrington to the Preserve (Pine Bluff).


Parking is available along the lower part of Harrington Drive and Schoel Drive.

Follow Harrington to Schoel - which will be one-way from Harrington to the preserve (Pine Bluff) - forming a loop back onto lower Harrington from Pine Bluff.

Harrington will continue as a one way back to the intersection at Schoel. Sound confusing? Just follow the guides and have patience.

Parking will also be available on Wood Trail from Harrington toward the school - a short walk to the Preserve.

And please lock your cars and don’t leave valuables unattended.

Is there a drop off area?

Yes, you can drop off near the entrance by following the Harrington/Schoel loop.

Is the Haunted Trail too scary for younger kids?

We will have an area at the front of the trail that is suitable for all ages and sensitivity levels.

The actors along the scarier parts of the trail make every attempt to read their audience and tone it down when warranted.

Children should be accompanied by an adult – and that includes the Haunted Trail.

The sun will set around 7pm. Some of the amenities may be a little too spooky for the tiniest tots, so we ask that the little ones experience the haunted trail before sundown.

When will the Haunted Trail be open?

We will allow 30 minutes for each group of visitors to enter the trail, staggered within the time slots in groups of 20-25. A fresh group of guests will enter at the time specified on their tickets (5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00 or 7:30).

Why are there time limits to the trail?

We want to allow all to have enough time to enjoy the amenities without crowding.

Will there be food available?

Yes.  We will have Scout Pack 6 Atlanta selling food and a CSNP bake sale. 

Will there be a bonfire? 

Yes, there will be a bonfire!

Are masks required?

We understand the risks of contracting Covid-19 in outdoor spaces is reduced, and masks are optional.

Nonetheless, since this is a public event, we ask that you employ common sense practices in regards to health and safety of others.  If you are feeling unwell, please join us next year. .

Are dogs welcome?

It will be busy and possibly loud at times in the Harvest Festival and Haunted Trail. Since these situations can be scary and stressful for dogs, please leave your pets home.

Dogs (even on leash) will not be allowed on the Haunted Trail.

Can you bring a stroller on the trail?

No. While some areas have board walks, most areas are not navigable with a stroller. Folks can leave strollers by the entrance.

What happens if it rains? 

We can’t control the rain! If light rain is predicted, we will move forward with the event as planned.

If heavy rain or inclement weather is predicted, we will cancel the event. As in the past, if the weather is predicted to clear for the following day (Sunday, Oct 29th), we will make every attempt to reschedule for that date.

Are tickets refundable? 

No. The sponsors (MANA and CSNP) are both volunteer-run organizations and we don't have the peoplepower to process refunds. Please consider your tickets a donation to these organizations. We appreciate your support.

Terms and Conditions of Ticket Purchase

Waiver: I understand that Medlock Area Neighborhood Association (MANA) and Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve (CSNP) are taking reasonable precautions to provide a safe experience at the 2023 Fall Festival and Haunted Trail. 

I understand this venue is in a natural environment, paths are not paved, and trip hazards are inevitable. I am aware of my own physical limitations.  I will watch my step and march whenever possible to avoid tripping.  I will maintain awareness of my surroundings and look out for poisonous plants and insects. 

By purchasing tickets to the 2023 Fall Festival and Haunted Trail, I agree that I will not hold MANA or CSNP or any of its volunteers or organizers personally responsible should I, or ticket holders in my party, incur harm at this event.  I knowingly take the risk of exposure inherent in this public event. 

Code of Conduct: I understand that the actors on the trail are playing a role.  I agree to respect the trail actors and volunteers and will not touch or otherwise physically or verbally harass any of the trail actors and volunteers, nor will I allow others in my party to do so.