Friday, June 13, 2014

DeKalb Code Enforcement visits vacant property

In addition to a foreclosed property registry, DeKalb now also enforces a vacant property registry that requires owners to register unoccupied vacant homes.

Responding to concerns from neighbors (who used the online complaint form, called Code Enforcement and contacted Commissioner Rader), DeKalb Code Enforcement recently visited an unoccupied home with an overgrown lawn and posted a warning that was also being sent to the owners of record.

The warning outlined property maintenance issues that were visible to the inspector, who will return in 30 days and issue a citation if said violations are not corrected by then. The warning also states that "Failure to correct will result in issuance of court summons to appear in recorder's court. Maximum fine per court summons is $1000 and/or 60 days in jail. Each day is a separate offense." Within a week, the property owner began to address the issues.

DeKalb's Code Compliance Division can be reached by phone at 404-687-3700. You may also email them at  If possible, include photos.