Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MANA / CHCA yard sale = a great success

Kris (one of the yard sale organizers) writes:
It seems like the Yard Sale was again a big success, with the emphasis on "big". I don't think we expected this many participants. Another first this year was that Clairmont Heights, Tuxworth Springs condominimums, and the North Decatur Presbyterian Church were involved or interested and this allowed more dialog between MANA and those groups. In many areas, lots of neighbors were walking around from place to place. One area I saw where there were several participating homes near each other it seemed like those neighbors were meeting each other and talking.
I was able to to go to 16 homes that participated. Had hoped to go to more, but got in good conversations along the way. Introduced myself and asked how things had gone. (OK, yes, I also bought stuff.)...
The yards sale team is putting together a feedback form to hear how the yard sale went for sellers and neighbors. Look for that link here in the near future!

Trunk sale @ Medlock, early birds

More trunk sales @ North Decatur Presbyterian church
More loot!
Catfish mailbox, anyone? 
Get a bag... then fill 'er up.
Photos courtesy of Bev.
A hearty THANK YOU to our tireless organizers and all those who participated!