Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Suburban Plaza: land disturbance permit applied for

Via Deanne, some explanations about the permit process via Kathie Gannon's office:

From Commissioner Kathie Gannon's Office:
You may have heard that on Friday Wal-Mart applied for a land disturbance permit at Suburban Plaza. The engineering staff is reviewing the applicant’s engineering drawings and will provide comments back to the applicant on June 19th. After this initial review and comment meeting, the applicant will have an opportunity to revise their plans and resubmit them for further review and approval. The first set of plans and permits will only affect the demolition and land disturbance. Building design is not under consideration at this point. The land disturbance permit includes decisions affecting demolition, grading and clearing, sedimentation/erosion control, the installation of water/sewer and other utilities, drainage and the stormwater management plan, access points onto public streets, parking lot design, landscaping, outdoor lighting, and building footprints. Commissioner Gannon and Commissioner Rader have previously met with engineering staff and will continue to insist that all DeKalb ordinances and codes be strictly followed.

From Commissioner Jeff Rader's Office:
I just wanted you all to be aware that on June 8th, DeKalb County received an LDP application (A/P #17974) for demolition and land disturbance, the first steps of development of the Selig site at 2525 North Decatur Road.  The first Plan Review Comment Resolution meeting will be held on 6/19/2012.