Sunday, July 29, 2012

Around the neighborhood

At the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve:
The pond is pretty dry but so lush and green!
Below are two trees that sustained fire damage after lighting struck the tool shed last year.  You can see the scorched bark still. The tree to the left is now dead and has been left standing (for the benefit of wildlife) but the top was removed was removed for safety purposes. Notice the mushrooms growing on it (a sign of dead wood, as was noted on a recent item on tree care). Compare that to the new growth on the tree to the right, which had some limbs removed due to fire damage.
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Elsewhere, a fall webworm colony on a branch overhanging the creek. You can see some little wrigglers inside (around 11 o'clock on the silk tent). The adults are small, white, nocturnal moths.
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