Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer's to do's

Of course you don't have to do anything right this minute; these are things to, you know, ponder...

Roof maintenance: (1) check for loose or buckling shingles and address the problem if it exists to prevent moisture infiltration and ensuing damage and (2) clean gutters and trim tree branches and climbing vines that overhang your roofline or gutters (this will reduce clogging once leaves do fall).

Other outside jobs to cross off the to do list while the weather's still warm: power washing, washing trashcans, cleaning windows, painting windows/trim  as needed

Sharpen lawnmower blade: because we still have a few more months of cutting to do (and if you do it now, the blade won't be completely dull next spring)

Driveway repairs: because cement and other repair materials need warm temperatures to properly set

Check for outdoor faucet leaks that not only waste water but could lead to bigger problems once freezing temperatures arrive. If you don't have some already, add faucet covers to your shopping list.

Need to declutter? Set aside a box to effortlessly start collecting items for the neighborhood yard sale [Oct. 6!].

Fall landscaping projects: Start thinking of what you would like to do. Autumn is a great time to plant perennials because we usually get good rainfall and the weather is milder, which helps ameliorate transplantation shock while allowing time for the plants to settle in a bit before transitioning into dormancy. Hardscaping and other heavy lifting is also more pleasant in cooler weather.

Fall gardening: Urban farmers should be thinking of fall and winter crops. Here's a planting guide for our area, includes spring and fall planting dates.

Furnace maintenance: Conduct routine maintenance, because it's nice to know the furnace WILL go on when cold weather hits. This is also a good time to check filters and replace as needed.