Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ivy, go home!

Medlock Forest Ivy Platoon was at it again this weekend, fighting the scourge of English ivy near the PATH entrance. Here's some of their fine work. Thanks, all!

At the PATH's entrance, these trees say "thank you!" 

Additional ivy removal is scheduled for February 16 and 23, noon - 3pm. Meet at the community garden on the corner of Willivee and Scott Circle. Loppers, machetes, hand saws and pruning shears were the most useful tools at the last event. For comfort and safety, please wear long sleeves and pants.
Bagged and tagged.
Yep, it grows alll the way up there, then it blooms and makes seeds that the birds spread.
But this one won't be bloomin' no mo'.

Here, a demonstration of "The Ivy Whisperer" approach.

"Shoulders and ankles"--that's how you do it!

All photos courtesy of Barb.