Monday, October 21, 2013

Medline LCI Proposal details

Image via ARC / LCI Medline Proposal

The Atlanta Regional (ARC) Commission has posted the Medline LCI proposal that was submitted by our Commissioners in 2012 and approved earlier this year. The award consists of a $120,000 grant from the ARC and an additional $35,000 in matching funds from local governments and businesses. View the full document: MEDLINE Redevelopment Corridor: A Livable Centers Initiative Proposal, DeKalb County, GA 
From the plan:
"This  LCI  grant will fund the Medline  Redevelopment  Corridor  Study which  includes  Scott Boulevard /Lawrenceville Highway, Church Street, North Decatur Road and portions of DeKalb Industrial Way.  The study will be complete by or before June 30, 2014.   Each task below will be evaluated in deliverables  provided in the plan.
1. Efficiency / feasibility of land uses and mix appropriate for future growth including new and / or revised land use regulations needed to complete the development program
2. Transportation demand reduction measures
3. Internal  mobility  requirements—traffic  calming,  pedestrian,  transit  circulation,  and  bicycle circulation, safety and security of all modes
4. Mixed‐income housing, job/housing match and social issues.
5. Continuity of local streets in study area and development of a network of minor roads
6. Need/identification of future transit circulation systems
7. Connectivity of transportation system to other centers
8. Community  organization,  management,  promotion,  and  economic  restructuring  to ensure implementation
9. Stakeholder participation/support.
10. Public and private investment policy."