Thursday, November 21, 2013

Update on DeKalb Transportation Plan

Big thank you to Mary Shellman who attended several meeting and brings these updates about DeKalb County's Transportation Plan 2014. Mary writes:
"The Medlock Road project is part of the Multimodal projects (#5092).  It is also on the Bicycle/Pedestrian projects (#0308).  Sidewalks along Scott Blvd are also on there (#0276) but they seem to be unaware of the sidewalk work that Decatur has already completed.  There are many other projects on the list including several in Emory.  The Clairmont/N Decatur Road intersection is on the intersection projects.  I was told that the Scott / Medlock / N. Decatur Rd intersection would be part of the Medlock Road Multimodal project.   
You are now able to fill out the online survey and list your preferences for projects.  They said the online survey will only be up for a couple weeks..."
Also note that project #0499 appears to highlight the development of easement space for bicycle and pedestrian use. It appears to connect Medlock Park to the area between the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve and North DeKalb Mall.

These are in/near Medlock projects:
BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN: these projects are in Medlock or very adjacent, or will add to a network that will make Medlock more ped/bike-connected to other areas of interest in the County 
# 0276. Scott Blvd. From W Ponce de Leon Ave  to Church St. Widen the sidewalk on the northwest side of Scott Boulevard in sections designated as Safe Routes to School by acquiring easements from adjacent property owners. Fill in gaps in a few areas where sidewalks don't exist.   
# 0308: N Decatur Rd. From Briarcliff Rd to N Indian Creek Dr. Provide access for cyclists along this corridor. A detailed corridor study will be needed to determine the best design for this project 
# 0485: Farmers Market Trail. From South Peachtree Creek Trail to Stone Mountain Trail in Avondale Estates. Expansion of the PATH Foundation trail system (Farmers' Market Trail) 
# 0499: South Peachtree Creek Trail. From Atlanta at Lenox Rd, the North
DeKalb Shopping Center to Farmers Market Trail and Zonolite Park. Expansion of the PATH Foundation trail system (South Peachtree Creek Trail) 
#5092. N Decatur Rd. From Clifton Rd. to East Ponce de Leon Ave. Four lane section to include a median as well as bike and pedestrian improvements. --> this one includes our dearly demented Scott / N Decatur Rd / Medlock intersection

Transportation Plan 2014 Documents page  ||    List of all projects  ||    Survey Link 

The survey is anonymous and you can complete some or all answers. Actual questions are listed below, for your convenience :)  Your feedback will help improve County-wide transportation. If nothing else, open the survey link and offer your feedback or support for in or near Medlock-projects, whose numbers are listed next to the project map links below.

__________________________Transportation Survey Questions__________________________

Part I: Fill in the blanks to name up to 5 of your most and least supported projects for each project category.  M = Medlock interest project

Roadway Corridor Project Map

Roadway Intersections Project Map --> # 690 (Clairmont Rd / N Decatur Rd intersection: Operations; Intersection Improvement, incl turn lanes)

M Bicycle / Pedestrian Project Map: projects #0276 (Scott Blvd), #0308 (N Decatur Rd), #0485 (Farmers Market Trail), #0499 (South Peachtree Creek Trail)

M  Multimodal Project Map: project #5092  (N Decatur Rd)            

Part II.  Multiple choice answers

Transportation Policy Preferences (10 multiple choice question)

Clifton Corridor  and I-20 Corridor (1 question) : support one, both, neither?

Priorities: maintain and repair or expand and improve system & how to secure said funds? (6 questions)



Pedestrian and cyclist improvements. Purple means bike/pedestrian projects, blue highlights pedestrian projects and red indicates bicycle projects. Dashed green indicates existing PATH foundation corridors.
Multimodal Recommendations Map: Green highlights operations and safety, blue suggests road diets, burgundy indicates "new connections" and dashed green lines highlight existing PATH Foundation corridors.

Highlight of megaproject map. Yellow line represents the planned Clifton Light Rail; orange highlights the existing
MARTA heavy rail.
Per page 20 in the County's transportation plan slide presentation, "Mega projects are larger interstate or transit expansion projects (such as the I-20 and CliftonCorridor projects) for which DeKalb will advocate but not be required to provide funding.