Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Medline LCI: April 10 update

Jen Price @ Sycamore Consulting has forwarded the slide presentation from the core group meeting that took place last April 10 (see below). This presentation condenses some of the feedback so far, in particular information gathered at the charrette.

As noted in slides 6 and 7 below, we are close to concluding the Medline LCI study. Sizemore Consulting will create a Master Plan for the area that will summarize feedback from public and core groups, the charrette, and online survey participants.  This master plan will also be informed by DeKalb County's zoning code (currently being revised--see latest draft here). The master plan will be revealed on March 15 in an interactive meeting open to the community at large. The master plan will also be a public document that we will link to once it becomes available.