Friday, May 29, 2015

Fuqua Phase II plan deferred by Board of Commissioners

Fuqua Development presented its plans for Phase II of the Decatur Crossings development at the May 26, 2015 Board of Commissioners meeting (meeting notes can be found here). Fuqua had submitted four requests: 
1. change the land use designationfrom SUB(Suburban) to TC (Town Center); 
2. rezone property from O‐I (Office‐Institutional) and R‐75 (Single‐Family Residential to OCR (Office‐Commercial‐Residential), for a mixed‐use development with 95,000 square feet of retail,restaurant, and office space and 450 multifamily residential units;
3. increase the height of multifamily residential buildings in a mixed use development from the allowed maximum of two stories to five stories;to allow two drive‐through lanes for two commercial buildings; and 
4. allow a drive‐through restaurant
View from Medlock Park / Scott Blvd side. Phase I of the development (approved in April 2014) entails the triangular section seen at the bottom right-hand corner of this illustration. See our earlier post for additional details and images of what Fuqua proposes for Phase II. 
The Board of Commissioners deferred the vote until June 23. MANA representatives spoke to support a deferral, as the Cross-Neighborhoods Committee continues to negotiate with Fuqua for improvements to pedestrian safety and access and alternatives that will help modulate cut-through traffic through our neighborhoods.

Fuqua presented its Phase II plans to the community on March 2, 2015. Notes from that meeting as well as previous Fuqua updates are available here.