Monday, April 16, 2018

Rezoning/SLUP for North DeKalb Mall: Community Meeting [Apr 26]

North DeKalb Mall, perimeter highlighted in yellow.
After years of speculation, the redevelopment of North DeKalb Mall is gathering speed. The DeKalb Cross-Neighborhoods Council (representing residential communities in the vicinity) has met with the developer once, and strongly encourages residents in all surrounding areas to attend a community rezoning meeting, to take place on April 26 (see details below). The developer will reveal their current plan, and attendees will have a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and later follow up with our Commissioners to provide feedback on the proposed plan. The DeKalb Cross-Neighborhoods Council welcomes feedback at

As reported by Decaturish and TomorrowsNewsToday, this will be a significant redevelopment; the scope is such that the Atlanta Regional Commission must provide a local impact assessment before plans can be finalized. Because the proposal seeks to convert the property from commercial to multiple use (it proposes multi-family homes) and requests a gas pump (presumably for Costco), the developer must secure a Special Land Use Permit.
Community meeting announcement for April 26, 2018, as distributed to some neighbors.
Although we will have to wait until the community meeting for additional details about this proposal's layout, we know so far that:
the site is 40+ acres
the developer proposes:
 •  450 multi-family units
 •  a hotel (152 rooms)
 •  restaurants
 •  other retail (this would include a Costco)
 •  some current businesses (AMC Theater, Burlington Coat Factory) would remain operational during the remodel
 Please share this information with friends and neighbors.