Thursday, July 19, 2018

Loving guerilla pothole repair

7/20/2018-onward Update:  Thank you, DeKalb County, for patching the holes at Suzanne/Eastway and Woodridge/Alberson.


Dear DeKalb County,

At the risk of ending an excellent team-building exercise on the Facebook page, the residents of Medlock request your help with some sorely needed road repairs. We know your road crews are stretched thin and so is the budget, but a little help would be appreciated before the potholes become self-aware and start talking back like that old Geico ad...

Suzanne and Eastway:  Currently landscaped with purslane and lovingly surrounded by cones to warn drivers, this pothole was born around April 25. A smaller, aspirational pothole can be seen on the background and is currently being evaluated for native xeriscaping.

Update 1: They are heeereee! Drone footage captured a wild pig wreaking havoc on the landscaping. Without a doubt, this is some folks' worst nightmare sprung to life.
Update 2: Disaster averted. The neighborhood patrol has handled the wild pig infestation. Overnight, a McCastle and other amenities have popped up and we expect this listing to appear on Zillow any second now. Disclosure to interested buyers: will require flood insurance.
Ode to baby Alberson Lake, at the corner of Woodridge and Alberson: "I’ve watched you grow from a small dip in the road to a 3x5 crater that hosts its own ecosystem, from algae to mosquitoes to frogs. We’ve known you so long you should probably be a member of this group. You’ve had a good run. But you’re now work order #5911616 and DeKalb County has assigned you to the Asphalt Department for fixing." And, to qualify such drastic measures, the poster explained: "My breaking point was when one of the neighborhood kids said, “Don’t let your dogs swim in there.”" Another neighbor warned "there is no lifeguard on duty."

Easements are known to function as wildlife corridors. This pothole's proximity is the next step in the rewilding of Medlock Park...

Update 1: Hidden wildlife camera captures a coyote in full cry.

Update 2: Deer, often seen around the neighborhood, have found a new watering hole.

And because if there's nothing this neighborhood enjoys more than sharing an educational link, here's 13 Pavement Defects and Failures You Should Know!


The "Laughter is the Best Medicine" troupe at Medlock Park

Update #?: Fox 5 Atlanta shares our silliness: