Thursday, November 3, 2022

South Peachtree Creek PATH and Tax Allocation District updates

 Some very brief updates:

PATH UPDATE: connecting North DeKalb Mall to the Medlock Park neighborhood. Seep page 14 on this link for specifics on our neighborhood

TAX ALLOCATION DISTRICT: With the North DeKalb Mall redevelopment are plans to establish a Tax Allocation District (TAD), which would be used to pay for infrastructure and other improvements in the nearby vicinity of the redevelopment. These are essentially tax dollars that would be earmarked for use only in our area. The current TAD area includes North DeKalb Mall, Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve, Little Creek Horse Farm, Laurel Ridge Elementary, Druid Hills Middle, University Heights UMC, Shamrock Forest, Medlock Park, the International Community School, Shamrock Plaza, and several businesses along N Druid Hills Rd and Lawrenceville Hwy. This proposal is pending final approval from the DeKalb County Commissioners at this time. You can review this proposal here: