Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DeKalb School Board Votes to Close and Redistrict Medlock Elementary

March brings significant change for our neighborhood as we recieved news on March 7th of the Board's vote to close Medlock Elementary and redistrict the current Medlock Elementary homes in the MANA area to Laurel Ridge Elementary. For more info and history of MANA's involvement be sure to read the Spring 2011 Medlock Matters newsletter (recently distributed) or visit The school will close at the end of the school year.

While the redistricting change will be challenging, we know Laurel Ridge is an active and involved PTA and community very similiar to ours. MANA also has the opportunity to have strong voice in community development as we look at the future use of the school's campus and building.

Please join us at the March 28th Community Meeting to hear more about the ideas, ask questions, contribute your thoughts, and volunteer to participate in future efforts. Your active participation and voice has never been more important to us.

[Reprinted from March 2011 MANA e-newsletter]