Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neighborhood Watch: March 2011

With the beautiful weather, we have received more reports on the amount of solicitors/scammers knocking on doors. Please read the notes below and be careful when opening your door or getting out of your car. Call 911 immediately if you see suspicious people or cars in the neighborhood! Report any suspicious activity to your Grid Coordinator.

Do you know who the Coordinator is for your home? Email us to be added to the Watch List or for more information.

March 21, 2011 Case Number: 11-030845 On Wood Trail, Attempted theft by Deception, to swindle money. A black male with a juvenile knocked on the homeowners door. The man had a large canister in his hand and told her that he was there to exterminate the house. She refused but the man was still able to make his way inside and told her that he was exterminating the other houses on the street. The man went into the kitchen and sprayed an unknown solution under her sink and then stated that she needed to pay him $50 dollars for the service. The homeowner refused to pay and the man left her house. The man got into a white pick-up truck with the young boy and drove off.

March 2011  I want to inform my neighbors of a con artist trolling the Medlock neighborhood and probably others nearby. He came to my house this morning around 8:15 and claimed to be a neighborwho needed gas money to visit his father in the hospital. I did give him a small amount of cash. He is a white male, approximately 40, 5'10", and 200 pounds. He drove a dark blue Jeep Cherokee with a dealer tag. I learned that he has an extensive history doing this in Gwinnett county and has been arrested before. I notified the Dekalb county police.

3/20/2011 6:00 PM Case Number: 11-031270 Location: 600 BLOCK MEDLOCK RD Description: ENTERING AN AUTOMOBILE 16-8-18

March 17, 2011 - Neighbor on Desmond ..............we have had a few things stolen from our mailbox and to the best of our knowledge we believe that is how someone was able to steal my identity. Just to keep you informed and to be aware. Anyone else have problems with this?

3/15/2011 6:07 PM Case Number: 11-031339 Location: 2400 BLOCK Hunting Valley DR Description: LARCENY/Theft

March 3, 2011 Case Number: 11-024498 HARRINGTON DR - THEFT OF AUTOMOBILE
Feb 12, 2011  I came home around 11:30 pm on Friday night and entered my car again at about 10:30 am on Saturday morning, and I noticed immediately that someone had been in it looking for something to steal. The glove compartment was open and everything was messy in it, my coin holder was open and emptied, the arm rest console was open and everything messed up. They only got about $1 worth of pocket change but it was till unnerving to know that someone walked up my driveway and had the gall to do that. The car was unlocked.

Feb 8, 2011  I live on Suzanne Drive and had the same experience that was posted on January 18th in your neighborhood watch update. My occurrence actually happened on February 8th of last week, but the description of the activity was almost identical to the one I read.
Jan 18, 2011 Neighbor on Harrington About 30 minutes ago I was returning to my yard from a walk and a young man asked if this was my house. He approached me saying he was trying to earn points toward a college scholarship and a trip to Paris for Spring Break.  Initially, he said he had come from next door. I have no idea if that was true but he appeared less than candid for the following reasons: he shifted his approach several times, he looked older than 18, he looked as though he'd dressed for the part rather than actually being a kid, his material was dated 2010 and was very worn looking, he said several times he'd left a sticker on my door so no one else would bother me (there was no sticker or any kind of material on or near my door when I looked), when I asked if I could review the material he said this was the last day for him to collect points (money as a donation or to subscribe to a magazine.)
Jan 24, 2011 900 Block of Gaylemont - Case #11-017055 Stolen camera lens at Medlock Park. Victim had left it on the boardwalk. When he returned, it was gone.

[Reprinted from MANA Neighborhood Watch List, March 2011]