Friday, April 1, 2011

Medlock Day: a celebration of a neighborhood school [May 7]

Dear MANA community,

We've scheduled a very special event that we hope to enlist MANA's help with in the coming weeks. With Medlock closing this summer, we wanted to have a day when we celebrate all that Medlock has meant to the community, and current/former students and employees.

On Saturday, May 7th from 12p-4p, we'll host "Medlock Day". It will be an open house with food, games for the kids, and as many memories as we can compile for the adults. We are hoping to reach out to everyone we can find who went to Medlock or worked at Medlock since it opened in the 1950's. We are also eager to gather whatever materials people may have (scrapbooks, photos, videos, articles, etc) so we can share them with attendees (and then return them safely to their owners!).

Can you help us spread the word? We'll have more info soon, but for now, this gives you an idea of what we hope to accomplish: get the word out about the event, and reach out to folks who may have some memories (in all possible forms) to share.

Please let us know how we can help you get the word out. Feel free to email or call Tommy and Wendy Housworth at 404-371-8039.

Thanks so much,
Tommy Housworth
Medlock PTA Co-President