Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Supporting Melton's App & Tap

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Photo courtesy of Melton's website

As has been reported in local news [AJC, WSBTV, Creative Loafing] and the blogosphere [12, 3Melton's app and tap, our neighborhood pub, has been forced to close its doors due to circumstances beyond its control. Melton's is a Medlock staple: it is a long-time friend and good neighbor, is one of the few restaurants we can walk to, and its staff is known for its friendliness and expertise. At Melton's, we meet friends, family, neighbors and co-workers; we may stop for a quick bite but know we are welcome to linger.

Medlock neighbors and customers from all over stand behind Melton's and hope for a speedy and fair resolution.

Although a "Keep Meltons Open" Facebook group has been created by the faithful, please also contact the property owner, Larry Wilensky, to

  • encourage him to do the right thing
  • expedite Melton's reopening, and 
  • ensure that Melton's is restored in all ways

Please direct your correspondence and comments to:

Larry E Wilensky Property Listings
Owner: Larry E. Wilensky
1801 Peachtree St NE
Suite 340
Atlanta, GA 30309-1895

Phone: 404-351-8803