Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Supporting Melton's at the courthouse and beyond

Several MANA board members were among those who turned up at court today to support Melton's App and Tap's case.
Mr. Aaron Melton and his wife Staci (center).
Photo courtesy of Judy.
UPDATE 3: Per the AJC, Melton's has decided to reopen. As soon as we have additional information, will share!

UPDATE 2: AJC reports.

UPDATE: Pet Supermarket has permission to reopen. The judge admonished them to do a better job at securing food they throw away, and to patch up one remaining hole.

MANA will follow up with the Meltons as to how we may support their business. In the meantime, neighbors and anyone who shops at Medlock Plaza: please keep an eye out to ensure that Pet Supermarket is properly maintaining the surrounding area and dumpsters in a manner that is both lawful and considerate of nearby business and homeowners.