Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neighborhood Watch Alert: Neighbor Robbed [Feb. 22]

From the Neighborhood Watch:
Wednesday Feb. 22, around 4 pm, a neighbor was robbed, not forcefully. Please beware of the seniors in your grid and keep them informed as many of them do not email.
Here is the info: 
A new black truck with 3 or 4 men in it claimed to ring the front door bell. When there was no answer, they went around to his carport door, which he keeps propped wide open with his interior door open and entered his kitchen. The owner was in the back, came out into the carport to confront one of the men in his kitchen. The man stated he had rung the bell, then came to look for him to see if he wanted them to clean his gutters. Eventually he agreed they could. They offered to do it for $40. They asked him for a hose, a nozzle, then told him they needed many containers of boiling water. (It seems to me that they were keeping him looking for stuff and keeping him busy and not noticing that they were scouting out his house and its contents). 
 Once they got him boiling the water, the one man said they had to go get some more of the special cleaner they use and they all got back in the truck and never came back. The owner went back to his bedroom where he tossed his wallet on the dresser and it was gone along with other valuables. He can't describe the men except to say he thinks they were Hispanic, but they spoke English well. He says he didn't spend a lot of time looking directly at them. 
The homeowner is not hurt and a police report should be filed soon.
 Please be aware of people that you do not know, asking to do work, solicitors and do not let strangers in your home. 
Keep your doors looked at all times and please inform your neighbors about these issues.