Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On the up side

The Atlanta Business Chronicle highlights positive economy indicators for the Atlanta area:

1. Per the US Census for 2011, population growth points to investment in urban areas (vs. exurban)
 ... from 2000-2010, Cobb, Fulton, Dekalb, and Gwinnett Counties added an average of 42,779 people per year, while the 14 counties on the edge of the region added an average of 57,425. From 2010-2011, however, the close-in counties added 55,168 people (up 29 percent from the 2000-2010 rate) while the edge counties added 21,077 (down 63 percent). At a finer grain level, growth in Fulton and Dekalb outpaced Gwinnett and Cobb last year by 26 percent, a stark reversal of the prior decade’s patterns. . . . the next 24 months are going to be all about close-in, lifestyle oriented product, and that looks like a trend that will stick. Whether hunting for land, raising money to break ground, or rehabbing existing product to take advantage of energy related tax credits, the action is decidedly urban.
2.  Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Georgia salaries were average as of May 2011 (annual pay of $42,590 vs national average of $45,230). This places Georgia 24th in the nation, bracketed by Mississippi ($34,770) and Washington, D.C. ($74,540).