Friday, August 17, 2012

Updates on Hannah's health and ways to help

As you may know, our neighbors Hannah and Mark Rinehart need our support:

Click on the image to visit for updates on Hannah's health.

If you would like to help, here are FIVE ways to do so:

1) Contact the Gwinnett County Board of Education ( to encourage the Board to allow fellow teachers to voluntarily donate sick leave so that Mark can remain by Hannah's side. The decision is entirely up to the Board. You can also watch a report on this issue at the WSBTV website.

2) Make a donation: within, you can find a direct link to Operation Appreciation, a nonprofit that helps support National Guard members and their families (Mark is in the Georgia National Guard).  You can also reach the donation button directly through the Operation Appreciation website.

3) Sign up to prepare meals for when Hannah comes home. Per a post in the Hope4Hannah Facebook page, you will need to email to get a security code that will allow you to complete the Care Calendar form. Care Calendar is "is a web based system to organize meals and other help for families during a time of illness or life changing event..."

4) September 29 fundraiser: save the date! UPDATE: read the fundraiser letter (also being coordinated via Operation Appreciation). See the Hope4Hannah Facebook page for instructions on how to donate items.

5) UPDATE: October 6: Support Hannah Rinehart Yard Sale: to take place in the Medlock Park neighborhood, 8 am - 3 pm. Follow this link for additional information.