Sunday, October 21, 2012

MANA Community Meeting [Oct 22]


As usual, meeting takes place at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church, 811 Medlock Rd.

7pm: Welcome and acknowledgement of new and current MANA volunteers
  • Emily Mann- Volunteer Coordinator
  • Theresa Same and Hans Williams will be Co-Chairs of Zoning
  • Kathryn Firago and Deb Wilson will work on Senior issues
  • Kris Kane will remain as - Welcome Kit Chair
  • Tanya Myers will be Schools Liaison
  • Pat Camp will remain as - Newsletter Advertising Coordinator
  • Stephanie Ruffin will remain as - Newsletter Editor
  • Cathy Quinones will remain as - Website Editor
  • Casey Boudreau as Parks and Greenspace chair
  • Charles Forrest will work with Lynn Ganim of Legislative issues
  • Larry Diehl continues to serve as our Community Council Representative

7:15 pm: Aging in Place Village Concept: (30 min)
Karl Williams and/or Amy Tsu, from DeKalb’s Office of Senior Affairs
  • review of  concept to see if the neighborhood wants to pursue this grant.
  • the Aging in Place Village may include a yearly membership that provides services such as discounts or assistance with service information and repairs, home health care, transportation access, social and educational activities
  • this is a concept in progress so questions and suggestions are requested.

7:45 pm: Atlanta Gas Light (15 min)
Zachary Smith, with Eastside Pipeline Project overview and questions

8 pm: Committee Reports
  • Treasurer/Membership: Judy (5 min)
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Emily (5 min)
  • Neighborhood Watch (5 min)
  • Schools (5 min)
  • Zoning (20 min)

President: Bev Monroe
Vice President: Lynn Ganim
Secretary: still need a volunteer!
Treasurer: Judy Perras