Thursday, April 4, 2013

Improving DeKalb Transportation: open mike

Visit DeKalb County's Transportation Plan 2014 website to learn more about how DeKalb is trying to improve our transportation landscape.
Timeline: planning to be complete by Spring 2014.
Image via Dekalb Co.
There are a number of planning meetings coming up (April 16, 18, 20, 22, 23); you can also catch up with previous meetings here.

Even if you can't attend a meeting, you can participate in the process by adding your notes to an interactive map. You will need to log in, but you can make improvement suggestions in the following categories: vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, transit and multimodal/other. As to feedback, the page states that
We’re looking for ideas on how the transportation system can be improved. For example, you could point out a problematic intersection, an idea for a new sidewalk or trail, a congested roadway, or a need for a new bus route. (We’re not necessarily looking for smaller maintenance issues such as potholes so please be mindful of the overall objective.)  
As a final note, the number of comments received about a certain issue or idea will not necessarily count as “votes” for that improvement. Rather, this mapping tool is one of many sources for our public input, and we’re really looking for ideas that we may not have heard elsewhere. 
You can also send suggestions to