Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prosperity: "someone closer to fuss at"

If, like most, you struggle to keep up with the ever-mutating DeKalb County cityhood proposal list, the AJC has a nice summary--as of last week:
map via Tucker Patch
Four different proposals swirling around could in theory create at least that many new cities in north and central swaths of Georgia’s third-largest county. But since the boundaries of these would-be cities overlap — mostly in commercial areas highly sought for generating revenue — the battle so far has focused on what the final landscape will look like, not whether the cities make practical sense. Read the rest @ AJC
 Last week, Tucker Patch also attempted to clarify via a crazy quilt of a map that depicts current proposals.

The Civic Association Network (CAN) continues to track updates on all plans.

It all makes you wonder: what if neighborhood associations, businesses and cities in the affected areas spoke with one voice to influence our county government and address the concerns stoking cityhood fever?

Now, that's a fuss that would not fall on deaf ears.