Monday, June 24, 2013

Fuqua Development: ideas for Scott Blvd. Baptist Church location

Commissioners Kathie Gannon and Jeff Rader met with neighborhood representatives for a brief update on the proposed development at the site of the Scott Blvd. Baptist Church (2532 N Decatur Rd.). The redevelopment is led by Fuqua Developers; the Fuqua team presented some drawings they note are are very preliminary at this stage.  A community meeting is being planned for early July and as soon as the date and location are settled, we will post that information here.

As proposed, the development covers 5.5 acres.
All ten homes on Barton Way are under contract.
A natural food store would serve as anchor.
The project is a mixed use development. In addition to retail, it would include 200 apartment units (5 stories high).

The large square on the North Decatur Rd. side would be a natural grocery store. Overall, retail is on the periphery,  parking is in the middle (2 levels), and residential on the back and adjacent to the grocer.

View from North Decatur Rd. Retail in front, apartment building visible on the back.
View of the North Decatur/Scott intersection shows a wide buffer from traffic, with wide sidewalks and outdoor sitting. 
Scott Blvd. side. Apartment buildings visible on background.