Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bees galore

June 2013: not shy about raining.
We may break
10" yet!

All this rain and green means there's lots of bug activity out there. Here are some of of Medlock's busy bees.

Tomato fairy godmother: this tiny bee is loaded with white pollen
from working the tomato blooms. 
Same tiny species as above (?), working the bee balm.
Here's a bumble bee, executing a typically graceful face-plant on a bee balm blossom. Notice the size of this bee
to the flower's stamens: it gives a good perspective on how small the bee in the previous photo is.
With so many bees around, who shows up if not the dread tiger bee fly? It's a fly that feeds on bees. Boo, hiss.
The wings have clear spots that give them a tattered appearance.