Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Behold our friendly winged predators, bug gourmands all.
Common white-tail dragonfly aka long-tailed skimmer, male.
This is a scolid wasp (Scolia nobilitata?, female?), enjoying some oregano nectar. We like this gal: she lays eggs on
scarab beetle grubs, yep, those white grubs that eat your grass roots and draw moles into your yard.
Long-legged fly, a tiny predator [this one is around 5mm long], guarding a basil leaf.
Beauty AND good taste!
Thread-waisted wasp. Like the scolid wasp, adults enjoy nectar while babies are reared underground on a strict insect diet.
The itsy bitsy spider patrols the bee balm. 
Another smallish wasp, also favoring the oregano.