Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CHCA -- redevelopment community meeting (N. Superior Ave.) [Apr 25]

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Hi Neighbors!

CHCA invites you to:

Meeting to discuss re-zoning and development of property on N. Superior Ave.  
Time: Monday, April 25th at 7pm
Location: Fellowship Hall of North Decatur Presbyterian Church

The Clairmont Heights Civic Association is holding a community meeting to discuss redevelopment in our neighborhood.

Landmark Builders is requesting a re-zoning of property at the end of N. Superior Ave. near N. Decatur Road. The developer plans to subdivide one large lot (with an existing house fronting Willivee Drive) into 4 lots with 3 new homes fronting N. Superior Ave. and a renovation of the existing home on Willivee. This property is within the boundary of the City of Decatur and is therefore subject to CoD’s zoning regulations.

CHCA’s role in hosting this meeting is:
1. To alert our neighbors about redevelopment immediately adjacent to their homes
2. To give neighbors the opportunity to meet the developer, hear plans for the property, and ask questions/express any concerns they may have to the developer directly
3. To represent our community members’ concerns to the developer and to the City of Decatur

This meeting is open to the entire community; however, CHCA would like to emphasize that the primary purpose of the meeting is to facilitate a dialogue between Landmark Builders and the homeowners whose property is directly impacted by the proposed development. We ask that community members reserve speaking time for those whose properties are immediately affected/adjacent.


Julia Byrne
Corresponding Secretary, CHCA
CLARIFICATION- The location is *already* zoned R-60 in the COD. The developer is seeking to split the lot.