Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Whole Foods 365 lands on Church St.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the Whole Foods announced for the North Decatur Road / Church Street intersection will be one of their new 365 stores. According to the Whole Foods website, the 365 concept is all about a "modern, streamlined design with innovative technology and a carefully curated product mix will offer an efficient and rewarding way to grocery shop.” Smaller than the full-size Whole Foods stores, 365 would offer "healthy, high-quality food at great prices." This is the first 365 store announced for Georgia.  365's press release for this location can be found here.

Update II: Business Insider outlines how 365 stores differ from typical Whole Foods stores.

Update III: Decide DeKalb Development Authority approved $1.8 million in tax incentives for this development. Over the 10 years of the agreement, the property is expected to generate "about $8.9 million in tax revenue for county and school system governments".

Update IV: The following renditions (left, below) have been made available via The Shopping Center Group, which will be in charge of this development.

Update V. The NY Times has an item on the 365 concept. And so does the LA Times.