Sunday, June 26, 2016

Notes from Friends of Medlock Park meeting [6/13/16]

notes forwarded by Casey Bordeaux, MANA Greenspace Coordinator

Participants:  Chris Foster, Casey Boudreau, Lisa Crowder, Ted Ward, Dave Butler, Jen Raby,  Joanne Bryan, Barbara Orsich, Katie Curtis

1.     Scott lots
a.     Waiting on update from county on status of bids for demolition for vacant white house – Casey will continue to follow up
b.     993 Scott – not part of FEMA buyout, Commissioner Rader’s office contacted Casey last week that County may be able to buy it to add to existing greenspace. 
                                               i.     Should not be limited by FEMA restrictions on other lots
                                             ii.     Casey will continue to follow up
                                            iii.     Ideas include
1.     Leave driveway to increase parking
2.     Picnic tables
c.     Tree planting
                                               i.     Need to follow up with Fuqua re plans and process, including timeline  – Ted to discuss with Theresa Same
                                             ii.     Dave B to follow up with new County arborist to confirm list of trees
                                            iii.      Start thinking of where to place, on vacant lots as well as in Park
2.     Playground
a.     Group met with Revonda, who is supportive of renovations
b.     Need confirmation of agreement by DHYS as official FOMP contact – Chris will follow up with Revonda
c.     Park Pride can help with fundraising
                                               i.     FOMP playground project will have own page on Park Pride website
                                             ii.     Revonda has list of vendors
                                            iii.     Ideas for fund raising events
1.     Lantern parade
2.     Event at playground
3.     Something at MANA pool party
                                            iv.     DHYS also has FOMP link on its Donate Now page
d.     Need to get going on 1 small, immediate project to
                                               i.     Demonstrate commitment to County & DHYS
                                             ii.     Encourage neighbors to donate and/or participate on future projects
e.     Ideas for small, immediate projects
                                               i.     New trash cans
                                             ii.     Covered benches
3.     DHYS
a.     Met with Comm. Rader
                                               i.     Got ok cover for batting cages, will self fund
                                             ii.     There is money from bond referendum which can use to re-pave inner roads (approx. from where drainage culvert to storage shed).  Have already met with maintenance group and hope work will be done in next couple of months
                                            iii.     Raised $15k from capital campaign which was used to fund survey last year and permitting for new work.
                                            iv.     ADA project will wait
b.     Other ideas from group
                                               i.     Can put sidewalks in, either real ones or just painted lines on side of road
                                             ii.     Can put permanent or moveable objects on wide entrance to playground, to discourage driving
4.     Bulletin board
a.     Chris removed ads – need to put something on it to inform that not meant for advertising
b.     Casey will create banner “Medlock Park News” – update:  done!
5.     Fall projects
a.     River cleanup – Oct?
b.     Park cleanup – usually scheduled in Sep
6.     Other

a.     Can get other planting in park, like azaleas or other shrubs along inner road to further separate playground area