Wednesday, September 28, 2016

SJ Collins development agreement with the Community

This image highlights the new development in context (Suburban Plaza redevelopment & former site of Scott Blvd. Baptist and adjacent plots being redeveloped by Fuqua Development). Image via SJ Collins.
SJ Collins (developer of the parcel at the corner of North Decatur Rd. and Church St.), working with the DeKalb Cross-Neighborhoods Council (DCNC), signed off on a zoning agreement and conditions based on the input of neighborhood representatives.

Some highlights:
  • traffic enhancements such as thermoplastic pedestrian crossings throughout, a new traffic signal and an upgrade the timing system to coordinate new and existing lights
  • $100,000 towards the installation of a traffic light with pedestrian crossing at the Church St. and Milscott Dr. intersection
  • 10% of the units in the multi-family residential building will be priced as workforce housing (and reserved for residents demonstrating income at or below 80% of area median income)
  • these agreements apply to any future owners of this property. That includes making good faith efforts with any future adjacent developments to maintain connectivity between the properties.
  • 1 acre of open public space was negotiated
  • utilities will be under ground
  • bike racks will be available around the development, one near the grocery store
  • a contact person will be available to address concerns during the construction phase; construction traffic will be routed away from residential streets
Click on the links to see the conditions attached to this development's approval:
UPDATE: SJ Collins has issued a press release and their website has links to
Site Plan per SJ Collins's website