Saturday, November 17, 2018

DeKalb Neighborhood Survey - Comparing Possible Futures

via MANA President Lynn Ganim...

The Georgia Legislature goes into session in early January of 2019. Among many other possible issues, the specters of new cities and annexations might once again appear and affect our neighborhood, so we need to be prepared--again.

MANA is coordinating with nearby civic associations, including Clairmont Heights, to find out what our residents might prefer if we were forced to choose or have a choice: to stay unincorporated, join a new city, or an existing city. For more information and to express your current opinion, please go to, read the introduction and brief survey there carefully and answer the questions.

We realize that you have many questions about annexation and incorporation, which this survey does not answer, but for now we simply hope you will start thinking about the issues and consider what you might choose IF you had to. 

The MANA board will continue to monitor developments and try our best to fill in the blanks as we can or need to (e.g., we will conduct a Medlock-specific survey and canvas the neighborhood door-to-door as we did a few years back if necessary).

If you have questions, please contact