Thursday, July 14, 2011

FOUND Doggie: Willivee

On Wed. evening around 7pm, I found a dog walking along Willivee near the Ball Park, coming from the direction of Hunting Valley/N. Druid Hills.

She has no collar, and was very thirsty. After a little coaxing, she got in my backseat.
I know she's someone's pet.

No luck looking for her owners, but she seems to be used to people, easily found the back door to my house, and made herself at home.

I will post some flyers, but thought the community 'bulletinboard' might be a bit faster.
She looks healthy, she's friendly, didn't mind a bath, and likes my 2 dogs.
Part Chow, maybe Shepherd. Fluffy thick coat, black with brown head, front and back quarters.

If you have any info on this sweet doggie, contact