Sunday, August 7, 2011

Green parakeet terrorizes neighborhood

Now that I have your attention...

Vivian writes:

There is an escaped parakeet on Wendan Drive. My dog and I saw it standing on the street this AM. When it saw the dog, it was smart enough to fly into a nearby tree. Not sure how to lure it down w/out a cage and food. Can you send an email to see if anyone is missing a green parakeet?

Later this morning, Vivan wrote --

I've lost track of the little guy at this point. He does tend to blend too well with the trees. Hope it keeps him safe from predators, and that he doesn't come down to the ground too often, there are lots of cats around here... But he may have moved on. I'm thinking if the owner puts the cage out in this area with food though, the bird might recognize it, and return.

If you are missing your parakeet or know someone who is missing theirs, please contact Vivian at