Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update on Medlock school property

MANA VP Pat Camp attended the DCSS Board of Education August 1 to support proposals by the International Community School (ICS) and Fernbank Science Center (FSC). Support hinges on the desire voiced by many neighbors that the property return to use as soon as possible, ideally as an educational venue.

The ICS proposes to gather its students, who are currently on two campuses, into one location.

Doug Hrabe, the director of FSC, mentioned using the space specifically for science teacher training, perhaps a vocational horticulture greenhouse and use of the nearby natural areas for field trips for the DCSS students who come to the science center.

We do not know when a decision will be made but are making inquiries. Our last update on this matter was reported in late June, when Dan Drake (Director of Planning and Forecasting, DCSS) indicated that the current plan for Medlock Elementary is as follows:
1. a short-term lease (~2 years)

2. use of Medlock Elementary as classroom space for students displaced during the construction phase of a 900-student elementary school (aka Fernbank Elementary)

3. again make the Medlock school available for leasing

We'll post updates as more information becomes available. If you have questions or want to share your thoughts, email medlockassoc@gmail.com

Update 8-3-2011: We are told that the ICS's proposal is being reviewed by DCSS lawyers.