Friday, August 19, 2011

MANA Neighborhood Watch: June - August 2011

Always call 911 to report crimes, no matter how small.

08-14-2011: On Sunday night a man was robbed with a knife at 8 PM. He was leaving the soccer game at Medlock Park. Two unknown black males approached the man with a knife and demanded his wallet which was handed over. The two males are approx 5'8" and weigh 135-150 pounds. The man who was robbed does not live in the area. Please email us at if you have any other information.

Case Number: 11-090720
Date: 8/14/2011 8:00 PM
Description: ROBBERY - STREET - GUN

08-16-2011:Thieves posing as tree servicemen burglarized a family in Decatur. The men conned their way into her home on Blueberry Trail. She said a man came to her door last week to tell her about tree service he'd be doing next door and to see if she needed any work. At some point the man managed to close her blinds without her seeing him, then walked with her and her husband to the backyard. The family had recently had a tree struck by lightning and actually needed service. While the man set up an appointment, a second man sneaked into her home. "They were after gold primarily so, it was things that were laid out in containers," she said. The man kept receiving phone calls as he spoke with her in the backyard. After a few minutes he took one last call. "He says 'Guess what? I have an emergency. A tree is down on a house ... I have to leave immediately." Some of her neighbors said they had a similar setup attempted on them by the same men in a silver Dodge pickup.

07-07-2011: Home Invasion Pangborn area. At about 1 pm today a black man came to our back door as we were eating lunch and asked if our jeep was for sale. After discouraging him he left and I got up to see if he was on foot or in a car. Another black male was at the door and since it was slightly ajar pushed it open and walked in. He had a pistol in his hand and said he was not going to hurt us and he really hated to be doing this. He had us back up
to the counter and remove our watches. Then he wanted to see where my jewelry was so he sent us toward our bedroom where I have a jewelry chest but fortunately do not keep anything of value in it. We said the watches weren't valuable and had sentimental value since we gave them to each other for
our 50 th so he wiped his prints off and gave them back. He then apologized again for doing this and said for us to stay still until he let himself out and he was gone. He never asked for money or credit cards and was on foot so I am sure he could not have taken anything any larger than he could carry. We called 911 and they were here in a flash. They will be looking through the neighborhood. Our description
was a clean cut black, early 30's with a black NYY baseball cap , sunglasses, a striped dress shirt and dark trousers. DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR TO ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW!!!!

07-21-2011: There are reports of people along the creek bank behind the houses on Sunnybrook between Ava and Brengare very late at night. Speculation could be someone is living there. Or more likely the neighborhood teen troublemakers are the ones there. The teens, who live on Ava are unsupervised and have been implicated in the disappearance of things.

07-22-2011: Two armed robbers broke into Suburban Lanes bowling alley in North Decatur early Saturday morning, held up two employees and made off with $2,600 in cash, DeKalb County police said. Two bowling alley employees were working at about 2:30am when two suspects carrying guns entered the building at 2619 North Decatur Rd. either by using a key or coming through an unlocked door.

06-20-2011: On Monday June 20 a short, thin Hispanic man in his 50's with a thin mustache knocked on the door of an older woman's house in the 1000 block of Willivee Drive. He said that he had already been paid to clean her gutters. He said that they would get started. Two younger men came from a white truck parked on the street with a ladder. After a short time with little or no work getting done, they came back to her. The older man said that he wanted to refund part of the money because they didn't finish the job and asked her if she had change for $100. Fortunately she told them that she didn't have any cash and wisely closed the door. They said they would come back the next day. She called her daughter, who then called the police. The police said nothing about other incidents of this kind and assured her that it was unlikely that the men would return. The older woman called her landlady and asked her if she had hired anyone. She said she had not. Her daughter sat with her the next day but the men did not return

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