Thursday, September 8, 2011

GA Natural Gas fundraising program benefits our elementary school (Laurel Ridge)

The closing of Medlock Elementary directed students in our neighborhood to attend Laurel Ridge Elementary. Here is a chance to help Laurel Ridge serve our students, via GA Natural Gas (GNG).

By joining the True Blue Schools Program, GNG customers can direct a $5/month donation to a school of their choice. This $5/month comes from Georgia Natural Gas, not the customer. Additionally, TrueBlue Schools' participants are eligible to receive an up to $0.15 per therm discount off their monthly gas bill.
GNG makes an additional $40 donation to the school for new GNG customers.

If you are a GA Natural Gas customer, go to Select the "I'm already a customer" option and type in Laurel Ridge (the system will fill in the rest of the school information once you provide a few characters) and continue with the sign-up process. There's an option to look up your account number as well, if you don't have it handy.

Questions? Contact the Laurel Ridge GNG coordinator, Karen O'Leary, at