Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Dangers of North Druid Hills Road

Our neighbors at North Druid Valley Hills are asking for everyone's support in addressing a dangerous stretch of road:

Image courtesy of http://www.northdruidkills.com

The North Druid Valley Hills Association is making a concerted effort to obtain a stop light at one of the exits from their neighborhood. As part of these efforts, they have created a website http://www.northdruidkills.com to draw attention to the issue. On the site are stories by residents and pictures showing the dangers they face entering and exiting their neighborhood. 
The majority of accidents listed have occurred while sitting stopped, waiting for an opportunity to turn INTO their neighborhood. This section of North Druid Hills Road is extremely dangerous ...

Please visit the website, in particular the Voice your support page, which includes contact information for County officials who have the power to address the situation.

The website also features incident reports and photos.