Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your DeKalb Farmers Market -- Creative Loafing

Creative Loafing has a wonderful report by Thomas Wheatley on Your DeKalb Farmers Market. The article summarizes the market's history, the owner's goals and vision, and its proposed expansion.

It even has a little bit of local MANA history:

How it got started in the area behind Melton's:
"...He leased a 2-acre plot of land where a skating rink had burned down at the intersection of North Decatur Road and Scott Boulevard. He poured nearly every penny into building two adjoining greenhouses totaling 7,500 square feet and slapped a plastic roof on top.... 
Neighbors at first were keen on the idea of a nearby produce stand but soon grew weary of constant traffic and dust. An ultimatum by the county government to pave an expansion or watch his business get shut down was blocked by Manuel Maloof, the legendary DeKalb County CEO, who said his wife — who purchased peaches from the market for $2 a box — would kill him if he closed the store...
And how when an ice storm collapsed the structure in 1979, shoppers made donations that earned them credit for future transactions:
"It was the winter of 1979 that nearly ended the business. A storm came through one night, and rain filled the market's gutters and covered the roof. During the cold night, a heavy sheet of ice formed. A phone call from an employee jolted Blazer from bed. The market had collapsed. 
The insurance company said his policy didn't cover ice storms. Blazer asked customers for support and a loan. Write a check today, and two months later, when the store reopened, you could use the canceled check as a credit. Shoppers handed over cash. ... Within eight weeks the market was rebuilt and back in business." continue reading @ Creative Loafing
Sounds like we've been complaining about traffic for 30+ years!