Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trees, and why they fall

1 inch of rain, 1 naughty pine down... May 2012.
Falling trees: a topic near and dear to our well-forested neighborhood. Dave Butler talked about tree health at a recent MANA community meeting, and now, the Scientific American's blog expands on the issue, with a focus on what is known about why trees fall during storms, and what we can do to protect ourselves:
"Although they can become unwilling weapons in severe weather, I think most of us would not want to live without our trees. They give character to our properties, shade in the summer, beautiful leaf colors in the fall, and homes to our wildlife. Most trees were living long before we were and, hopefully, will be living long after we are gone. But inevitably nature will periodically rise up and destroy some."... Read about it in Why Do Trees Topple in a Storm? @ Scientific American.