Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DeKalb County: incorporation & annexation news round-up

For unincorporated areas of DeKalb County, the future remains muddled. The formation of new cities within the County (Dunwoody, est. 2008, Brookhaven, effective Dec. 17, 2012), compounded by campaigns by existing cities to annex unincorporated space (e.g., City of Decatur's plan to annex residential and commercial parcels), conspire to worry unincorporated DeKalb residents about how the loss of commercial property might affect services and taxes.

Closer to home, while some neighbors rejoice at the prospect of become part of the City of Decatur (and thusly gaining access to the City's school system) others raise grave concerns about the City school system's ability to absorb additional enrollment and maintain quality. Per the AJC,
Peggy Merriss is expected to make a recommendation on annexation at the Dec. 17 City Commission meeting. If the city approves a plan, it then goes to the General Assembly to authorize a voter referendum on the issue.
This site reported on these issues earlier this year (herehere and here). The AJC commented on the issue last October. MANA and CHCA representatives have been trying to gather additional information by attending Civic Association Network (CAN) meetings, and contacting our representatives (Commissioners Rader and Gannon; state representative Rahn Mayo). To review documents relating to these ongoing discussions, visit the CAN website at There, you will find several ideas being floated around, from the formation of a City of DeKalb (to include all currently unincorporated land) to a City of North DeKalb. You will also find links to DeKalb County city websites.

On the topic of new cities, the Druid Hills Patch reports on a November 12 meeting where northern DeKalb citizens discussed cityhood. The overwhelming tone of the meeting is summarized in the last sentence of the article:
"We don't need to know how to [become a city] until we know why to do it," another resident said. . . . . . Read the whole thing @ Patch
We will post updates as they become available. In the meantime, 

To voice your concerns or support for City of Decatur annexation proposals:

•  Visit the City of Decatur annexation website: includes forms to request annexation and to request non-annexation [relevant to some MANA residents on Willivee Dr.]

To voice your concerns or support for cityhood proposals (City of DeKalb, City of North DeKalb, none of the above):

Jason Carter,  Georgia Senate, District 42

Rahn Mayo, Georgia Senate, District 84 (effective Jan 2013)